Ford Recalls 382K SUVs For Failing Rearview Camera Image

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Ford Recalls 382K SUVs For Failing Rearview Camera Image


Ford is recalling 382,759 SUVs, including Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator, and Lincoln Corsair models, due to rearview camera issues. The problem involves the rearview camera displaying a blue image instead of the actual surroundings, potentially hindering driver visibility.

Details of the Recall

  • 279,700 Ford Explorers built between October 19, 2018, and January 3, 2023, are affected.
  • 72,699 Lincoln Aviators within the model years 2020-2023 are included.
  • 30,360 Lincoln Corsairs built between September 17, 2019, and December 15, 2022, may also have the same issue.

The Problem and Solution

The problem lies with a software glitch affecting models with a 360-degree camera, causing intermittent failure of the reverse camera video output. This issue can obstruct the driver’s view of the rear surroundings. Ford will address this by performing a software update at their dealerships. Owner notifications of affected vehicles are expected on February 20.

Previous Recalls and Ford’s Recall History

This recall, labeled NHTSA number 23V022000, is an expansion of a previous recall (21V-735). The NHTSA recommends that previously updated vehicles undergo the new fix. Although no injuries have been reported, 17 minor accidents are potentially linked to the rearview camera malfunction.

Total Recall

Ford has faced a series of recalls, including the recall of Ford Bronco Sport, Escape, Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, and F-150 models for various issues in 2022. Notably, Ford had the highest number of recalls among automakers in 2022, with the most significant recall affecting nearly 3 million vehicles for rollaway risk.


The safety of drivers and road users is paramount, and Ford’s proactive approach in addressing the rearview camera problem demonstrates their commitment to vehicle safety. Owners of the affected SUVs are encouraged to check for notifications and promptly schedule the required software update to ensure optimal vehicle performance and safety.


1. How do I know if my Ford or Lincoln SUV is affected by the recall?

The affected models include Ford Explorer (2018-2023), Lincoln Aviator (2020-2023), and Lincoln Corsair (2019-2022). You will receive a notification if your vehicle needs the software update.

2. Is the rearview camera issue a common problem in modern vehicles?

The rearview camera malfunction is relatively rare but can happen due to software glitches. Regular maintenance and prompt recall compliance can help address such issues effectively.

3. Are there any reported accidents related to this recall?

While no injuries have been reported, 17 minor accidents have been potentially linked to the rearview camera problem. It is essential to address recalls promptly to mitigate any safety risks.

4. How can I schedule the software update for my vehicle?

Once you receive the notification, contact your nearest Ford dealership to schedule the software update appointment. It is crucial to address recalls promptly for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

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