Infiniti Calls Back Q50 and Q60 Due to Fuel Pump Software Problem

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Infiniti is initiating a recall and subsequent halt in sales on specific editions of the Q50 sedan and Q60 coupe due to a fuel pump software glitch, as reported by Carscoops. Precisely, the affected models are the 2.0-liter turbo variants of the 2016-2018 Q50 and 2017 Q60. With a total of 14,192 vehicles in the United States impacted, the issue revolves around a fault in the fuel pump control module software allowing the fuel level in the main tank to drop below an acceptable limit, leading to engine stalling. 

The affected cars will have to be taken to an Infiniti dealership, where the fuel pump control software will be updated, likely at no cost—no physical repairs needed. Infiniti is also addressing the concerned vehicles currently in dealer inventories (a total of 2,156 units, per Carscoops), which will require updates before being handed over to customers.

Predictably, the majority of the recalled vehicles are the four-door models, mirroring the Q50’s dominance with an 11-1 sales ratio over its coupe counterpart. In the previous year, over 44,000 Q50s were sold while Infiniti managed to move only 4,000 Q60s. Out of the 14,192 vehicles affected by the recall, 11,843 are Q50s and the remaining 2,349 are Q60s. 

The recall process is set to commence on August 21. Owners with concerns can contact Infiniti customer service at 1-800-662-6200. 

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