Long After More Than a Decade and 150,000 Miles, Our 2000 Range Rover Still Remains within the Family Circle

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Upon meeting my spouse in 2004, he possessed a blue-gray 2000 Land Rover

Range Rover 4.0 HSE. Being a Texan native and part of a ranching clan, he had affixed a durable grille guard on the front to safeguard the vehicle and its occupants from fleeing deer. The confluence of roads and wildlife in West Texas, where Will’s parents have dwelled for a considerable period, can result in substantial harm to both the animal and the vehicle when they abruptly rush onto the highways.

I had always perceived the Range Rover as sophisticated and robust, yet beyond my financial comfort zone; I had never owned an automobile that exceeded $30,000 in cost before then. The initial encounter I had with Will’s Range Rover was when I flew from Atlanta to Phoenix to spend the weekend with him for the first instance. It was shortly after the conclusion of my prior decade-long relationship, and I was tending to a wounded heart. Initially, I was reluctant to embark on a new chapter, but Will enticed me with images of Arizona sunsets and hinted at a potential excursion to Sedona, a location I had constantly yearned to explore. My mother gently encouraged me: “If you find him amiable, go ahead. Engage in some enjoyment.”

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Kristin Shaw

Equipped with a CD player and 300-watt Alpine sound system, the P38 Rover was supplemented with a custom mix CD meticulously assembled by Will for the weekend, featuring tracks such as “There Is No Arizona” and other country melodies that I never envisioned myself admiring. Progressing from Phoenix to Sedona by way of the mountain town of Jerome, which proffers breathtaking vistas and showcases a vibrant biking subculture, Will chauffeured us in the Rover. Upon reaching Sedona, the Rover effortlessly navigated the rough, red rock terrain, and we made multiple halts to appreciate the scenes and meander on foot.

Following a year and a half of transcontinental courtship, Will relocated all his possessions and the Range Rover to Atlanta to be with me, and it was in the Rover that we journeyed back to his birthplace in Austin, Texas in 2008. The Rover safely transported our son home from the medical facility in 2009. Presently, it remains housed in our garage.

Land Rover, as a brand, holds a reputation for being undependable, and in the most recent J.D. Power survey on said matter, the brand ranked at the bottom. On disclosing to people that we harbor two Land Rovers in our garage (our secondary vehicle being a 2013 LR4), they invariably jest about the potential lengthy stays at the repair shop. These vehicles have amassed mileages of 176,000 and 70,000, respectively, and have traversed the length and breadth of the nation. We have identified a proficient Land Rover specialist with a private workshop located less than an hour’s drive away, and he ensures the SUVs are in prime condition when we take them in for maintenance, which transpires infrequently.

The air suspension underwent replacement with coil springs some years back, and the light stone leather exhibits signs of wear and tear. The air conditioning functions commendably, which is indispensable in the Texan climate; however, the heating system fares less favorably. Yet, it remains the sophisticated, enduring vehicle it has always been. It aligns perfectly with our requirements.

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