Lotus Teases ‘Type 131’ Sports Car That Will Replace the Elise, Exige and Evora

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Lotus’ most recent expansion differs significantly from its past plans. Under the ownership of Geely and Etika Automotive since 2017, Lotus has had the opportunity to fulfill its commitments. Currently, the company is investing over $140 million into Hethel’s facilities. The upcoming launch of the 1,973-horsepower Evija electric hypercar, collaboration with Renault’s performance brand Alpine on an electric sports car, and development of a fast SUV using advanced EV technology showcase Lotus’ progress.

Regarding internal combustion, the current final-year Lotus Evora offers exceptional driving performance and sound. However, as Lotus prepares to introduce a new sports car positioned between the Evora and the Exige, the current trio is set to be phased out this year. The Type 130, now known as the Evija, will be succeeded by the Type 131 family, contributing to Lotus’ Vision80 strategy to propel the company to new heights.

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