Toast combines digital storefront, marketing suites for seamless data collection

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Toast Introduces Seamless Data Collection with Combined Digital Storefront and Marketing Suites

Toast, a comprehensive technology platform tailored for restaurants, has unveiled a new integration that merges its digital storefront and marketing tools. This amalgamation enables restaurants to seamlessly gather guest data from both online interactions and point-of-sale transactions. Steve Fredette, the president and co-founder of Toast, highlighted the innovation, indicating that technologies like Toast Go 2 handheld devices and Toast Mobile Order & Pay have revolutionized the on-site dining experience for a wide range of restaurants. This update extends the refined guest experience to the online realm through various tools like Toast’s AI-powered writing assistant, search engine-optimized websites, online menus, promotional offers, loyalty programs, and automated marketing campaigns designed to attract and retain customers.

Enhanced Marketing Capabilities

The suite enhancements included in the update provide restaurants with advanced marketing tools, such as leveraging artificial intelligence for creating compelling email campaigns tailored to the brand and marketing objectives of each establishment. Moreover, the introduction of one-click, automated marketing campaigns powered by guest data simplifies the promotional process. The recommendation engine offers operators timely insights, ranging from upcoming holidays to pre-designed campaigns, optimizing efficiency.

Digital Storefront Features

The addition of Toast’s website builder further enhances the lineup of digital ordering tools, empowering restaurants to elevate their online presence. Key features of the Digital Storefront include search engine optimization for digital menus, online ordering, and websites; automatic POS integration for seamless menu updates; customization options for a personalized online presence; and drag-and-drop tools for easy website creation and updates. The integration of Toast’s products within the websites amplifies the overall online ordering experience.

Testimonial from a Satisfied User

John Mason IV, the owner of IV Hospitality operating FRESKO Greek Kitchen in North Carolina, commended Toast’s efficiency, stating, “With Toast, it’s easy to set it and forget it — I make an update in one place and see changes across my whole tech stack.”


In a digital age where online presence significantly influences customer engagement, Toast’s integration of digital storefront and marketing suites emerges as a game-changer for the restaurant industry. By seamlessly collecting data and enhancing marketing capabilities, Toast empowers restaurants of all sizes to stay competitive in the dynamic landscape of the food service sector.


How does Toast’s integration benefit restaurants?

Toast’s integration of digital storefront and marketing suites allows restaurants to gather guest data seamlessly from online and point-of-sale transactions, enhancing the guest experience both on-site and online.

What marketing tools are included in the suite enhancements?

The suite enhancements offer advanced marketing capabilities, such as AI-powered email campaign creation, automated marketing campaigns, and a recommendation engine for timely insights to operators.

What features are highlighted in Toast’s Digital Storefront?

Key features of Toast’s Digital Storefront include search engine optimization for digital menus and websites, automatic POS integration for menu updates, customization options for personalized online presence, and embedded Toast products for an enhanced online ordering experience.

How has a restaurant owner benefitted from Toast’s technology?

According to John Mason IV, owner of FRESKO Greek Kitchen in North Carolina, Toast simplifies website and online ordering updates, enabling him to make changes in one place and see them reflected across his entire tech stack.

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