Want To Sell More Electric Vehicles? Let The Salespeople Drive Them — Literally

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How to Boost Electric Vehicle Sales through Salespeople Experience

In the realm of transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), automotive dealerships are key players. However, many dealerships are lagging in EV sales due to a lack of knowledge among salespeople. This gap often results in fewer EV sales compared to traditional ICE-powered vehicles. To address this issue and increase EV sales, various measures need to be taken.

The Challenge of EV Sales at Dealerships

Automotive dealerships face significant challenges when it comes to selling EVs. From inadequate EV stock to a lack of training for sales staff, the hurdles are numerous. Legacy manufacturers struggle with transitioning production lines to meet EV demands, leading to backorders and limited availability for test drives. Furthermore, the absence of charging infrastructure and insufficient product knowledge among sales staff pose additional barriers to EV sales.

The Importance of Salesperson Experience with EVs

One effective solution to enhance EV sales is to ensure that salespeople have firsthand experience with electric vehicles. By assigning EVs for salespeople to drive, dealerships can empower their staff with practical knowledge and insights into EV technology, charging mechanisms, cost benefits, and available incentives. This hands-on approach can significantly improve the customer experience and boost confidence in purchasing an EV.


In the evolving landscape of the automotive industry, driving the adoption of electric vehicles requires a well-equipped and knowledgeable sales force. By arming salespeople with the experience and expertise necessary to promote EVs effectively, dealerships can bridge the gap between consumer interest and EV sales. Embracing a customer-centric approach that prioritizes EV education and awareness among sales staff is crucial for propelling the transition to a sustainable and greener future.


How can dealerships improve EV sales?

Dealerships can enhance EV sales by ensuring sales staff have hands-on experience with electric vehicles. By providing training, promoting EV knowledge, and offering test drives to customers, dealerships can increase consumer confidence in purchasing EVs.

Why are EV sales lagging at traditional dealerships?

EV sales face hindrances at traditional dealerships due to factors like limited EV stock, inadequate training for sales staff, lack of charging infrastructure, and a focus on ICE vehicle servicing for higher profits.

What can customers do to facilitate the purchase of an EV?

Customers interested in buying an EV can research available incentives, understand the technology and charging process, and advocate for tax credits at the point of sale. Engaging with knowledgeable sales staff and requesting test drives can also aid in the decision-making process.# How General Motors is Educating Employees About Electric Vehicles

In a world where electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, it is crucial for car dealerships and their salespeople to be well-versed and enthusiastic about this new technology. A recent report by the Washington Post highlighted the lack of knowledge and enthusiasm among salespeople when it comes to electric vehicles. To address this issue, General Motors has come up with a unique and cost-effective solution aimed at educating their employees about electric vehicles.

Driving EVs to Boost Sales Knowledge

General Motors has introduced a program that allows eligible employees to drive the latest GM EV models equipped with the Ultium propulsion system. The program includes models like the Cadillac Lyriq, Chevrolet Blazer EV, Chevrolet Equinox EV, and GMC Hummer EV, with more models to be added over time. By giving employees the opportunity to drive these electric vehicles daily and in various scenarios, General Motors aims to enhance their sales knowledge and enthusiasm for EVs.

Supporting Employees in Transition to Electric Lifestyle

To further support employees in transitioning to an all-electric lifestyle, General Motors is taking several actions. This includes providing eligible employees with a complimentary Level 2 PowerUp home charger, offering one-time credits for the installation of a Level 2 charger, and reimbursing other home charging expenses over time. The company is committed to ensuring a seamless transition to an electric lifestyle for its employees.

Encouraging Consumers to Test Drive EVs

For consumers interested in electric vehicles, the experience of test driving an EV can be eye-opening. General Motors encourages consumers to take the initiative and test drive an electric vehicle to truly understand the benefits and potential of this new technology. Whether renting an EV on vacation, taking a spin with a neighbor, or visiting a showroom, the hands-on experience can provide valuable insights into the world of electric vehicles.


General Motors’ initiative to educate its employees about electric vehicles through a program that allows them to drive EVs is a commendable step towards promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. By empowering employees with firsthand experience and knowledge about EVs, General Motors is paving the way for a more informed and enthusiastic approach to selling electric vehicles.


Why is it important for car dealerships to be knowledgeable about electric vehicles?

Car dealerships play a crucial role in educating consumers about electric vehicles and promoting their adoption. Having knowledgeable and enthusiastic salespeople can help address consumer concerns, debunk myths, and ultimately drive sales of electric vehicles.

How can consumers experience electric vehicles firsthand?

Consumers can experience electric vehicles by test driving them at dealerships, renting EVs for short-term use, or seeking opportunities to ride in an EV with friends, family, or neighbors. These hands-on experiences can provide valuable insights into the benefits and capabilities of electric vehicles.

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