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Holland America Line’s New Glacier Guarantee™ Ensures Guests a Spectacular Alaskan Experience

Holland America Line’s Unwavering Commitment to Alaskan Glaciers

Holland America Line, with its long-standing love affair with Alaska since 1947, now introduces the Glacier Guarantee™. This unique offer assures guests of witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of Alaska’s glaciers on every cruise in the region. The guarantee, available on departures through September 2025, secures guests with a promise: if a glacier sighting is missed, a Future Cruise Credit of 15 percent of the fare is provided.

Unforgettable Glacier Experiences Await

The highlight of every Alaska cruise is the scenic view of iconic glaciers like Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Dawes Glacier, Hubbard Glacier, and the Tracy Arm Fjord’s Twin Sawyer Glaciers. Holland America Line, with the most permits to visit Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, ensures an unmatched glacier viewing experience. Glacier Day,” a new addition for the 2024 season, offers a dedicated day filled with activities celebrating Alaska’s stunning glaciers.

Beyond Glaciers: Immersive Wildlife Experiences

Apart from glaciers, Holland America Line enhances guests’ Alaskan adventure with abundant wildlife spotting opportunities, including whales, bears, eagles, and more. Onboard wildlife experts and Wildlife Spotting Guides elevate the wildlife viewing experience, with announcements for guest sightings between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The cruise line also facilitates wildlife excursions at numerous animal sanctuaries.

Unparalleled Alaska Voyages Await

In 2024 and 2025, Holland America Line’s Alaska journeys can be embarked upon aboard six ships, offering various itineraries, including extended voyages and Alaskan Arctic Circle adventures. Unique to Holland America Line is the Yukon cruisetour, incorporating a cruise and a visit to Denali National Park & Preserve, showcasing the wild beauty of the Yukon.

Holland America Line: The Epitome of Alaska Cruising Excellence

Being a pioneer in Alaska cruising for over 75 years, Holland America Line continues to craft unforgettable experiences that blend culture, cuisine, adventures ashore, and onboard enrichment programs. Voted the number-one cruise line in Alaska by prestigious awards, Holland America Line’s commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction is unwavering.


Holland America Line’s Glacier Guarantee™ not only promises a glimpse of Alaska’s majestic glaciers but also ensures a holistic Alaskan experience with wildlife encounters and enriching adventures. Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary with Holland America Line, the leader in Alaska cruising.


1. What is the Glacier Guarantee™ by Holland America Line?
The Glacier Guarantee™ ensures guests will see at least one glacier during their Alaskan cruise or receive a Future Cruise Credit of 15 percent of their fare.

2. What wildlife can be spotted on a Holland America Line Alaska cruise?
Guests can witness various Alaskan wildlife, including whales, bears, eagles, moose, otters, seals, and sea lions, with the help of onboard wildlife experts and guides.

3. What unique experiences does Holland America Line offer in Alaska?
Holland America Line provides exclusive experiences like “Glacier Day,” wildlife spotting programs, and Yukon cruisetours, offering a diverse and immersive Alaskan adventure.

4. How does Holland America Line stand out in Alaska cruising?
With over 75 years of experience, Holland America Line is renowned for its expertise in crafting unparalleled Alaska journeys showcased by numerous awards and accolades, making it the ultimate choice for Alaska cruising enthusiasts.

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