Brand New Exotek RC F1 22X Compound Rear Tires

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Official Statement From Exotek RC:

The latest Exotek RC ultra soft 22x compound featuring innovative carpet foam insert are ideal for F1 carpet racing. Not recommended for tarmac surfaces as they may lead to excessive heating.

Crafted entirely from scratch and inspired by the recent full-scale F1 wheel disc standards, we have incorporated the finest attributes of RC F1 tires from the past and merged them into the ultimate F1 rubber tire and wheel setup.

Moreover, we have secured an agreement for their production with the top RC rubber touring car tire factory in Japan, utilizing high-grade touring car rubber compounds and nylon for the wheels.

Our rear tires boast a broad profile to ensure optimal contact area and frontward traction, while the sidewalls are engineered for enhanced lateral traction through a ‘compliant’ structure, in contrast to the ‘rigid’ sidewalls found in other models – essentially blending the best of both worlds to significantly enhance overall grip on low and medium grip terrains.

The distinctive tire and wheel bead design also promotes lateral traction and compliance by reducing the excessively firm sidewalls typical in other models, thanks to the minimalistic glue beads.

Important Note: Recommended for adept racers only. Gluing and assembly are necessary (instructions provided).

Avoid using a sidewall sticker – it is crucial to monitor the glue bead after each race.

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