The pioneer Innovation by Primera Technology: The debut of Eddie, the globe’s premier authorized consumable ink printing gadget

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Primera Technology launches Eddie, world's first certified edible ink printer
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Visual: Primera Technology Inc.

Primera Technology Inc., an eminent creator of specialized color printing machines, has introduced Eddie, the globe’s premier and solitary NSF and GMP-certified consumable ink printing device designed for embellishing cookies, sweets, and an array of culinary items.

Eddie has optimized the edible printing procedure for cookies, confections, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, and more. This apparatus can generate a set of twelve 3.5-inch cookies within a mere two minutes. An automated rotating mechanism within the printer effortlessly positions the cookies, prints on them, and returns them – all without manual assistance.

The printed items become dry and market-ready instantaneously. The visuals exhibit intense and vivid colors, with resistance to smudging and adherence to ICC Color Standards, establishing Eddie as a top-tier printing device within its sphere.

Eddie has the capability to print on diverse food surfaces, including defined frostings, directly onto cookies, or biscuits. Although bakeries can formulate personalized glazes, Primera offers a bulk frosting mixture for optimum outcomes. The option of pre-frosted sugar cookies in bulk is also available.

Straight out of the packaging, Eddie can accommodate items ranging from 3 to 3.5 inches with a maximum thickness of 0.75 inches. Tailored trays are available for purchase to broaden the print range to 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Individualization is a burgeoning trend, and Eddie presents novel profit avenues for bakeries, amusement centers, and various commercial sectors:

  • Personalized cookies for birthdays, baby showers, festive periods, and corporate functions.
  • Bespoke logo imprints on cookies for business expos or conventions.
  • Tailored cookies for weddings, jubilees, or other significant occasions.
  • Commemorative illustrations for amusement parks or family recreational venues.

Eddie’s hallmark feature is its stringent emphasis on safety. Prior to Eddie’s debut, while printing devices for edible ink existed for photographic cakes, none possessed third-party safety validations, potentially exposing manufacturers to liabilities.

Engineered to meet compliance prerequisites, Eddie has clinched approvals in the United States, Canada, and Europe, with further certifications pending on a global scale. Notably, Eddie is the pioneering digital consumable ink printer to attain NSF certification, a credential highly esteemed by consumers and regulatory bodies.

Eddie’s inks conform to FDA standards for food additives. The ink cartridge and its filling method have also undergone independent certification to satisfy cGMP standards.

Eddie is presently accessible for acquisition at $2,995 from Primera’s Authorized Resellers and Distributors worldwide. Optional services including installation, training, and on-site support are offered through a select cohort of food industry equipment vendors for an additional fee.

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