You are Eligible to Purchase Alfa Romeo’s Latest 2023 F1 Show Car from Today’s Launch

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When it comes to the design of a Formula 1 vehicle, functionality may dictate form, yet the technical craftsmanship involved often results in vehicles that exude both speed and beauty simultaneously. If you found yourself admiring the visual appeal of Alfa Romeo’s innovative 2023 F1 car during its recent introduction, it may please you to learn that this very exhibition car is now available for auction.

The vehicle is currently being vended through F1 Authentics, an auction platform that collaborates directly with F1 teams to auction off a range of authentic collectibles. As per the auction listing, the non-operational display car features autographs from Alfa Romeo’s 2023 drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu. The winning bidder will also be gifted with autographed race suits worn by the duo at the launch ceremony. As detailed by, this show car was manufactured by Memento Exclusives and serves as the inaugural model in a series of 2023 Alfa Romeo exhibit vehicles from the brand.

These overalls could be yours. <em>F1 Authentics</em>
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These overalls could be yours. F1 Authentics

The latest car for this year, the Alfa Romeo C43, made its debut featuring a bold new black and red exterior, a departure from the team’s previous white and red color scheme. Furthermore, the team bid farewell to former title sponsor Orlen and greeted online betting company Stake as its new partner.

This is not the initial instance of an Alfa Romeo exhibit car being made available for sale. In fact, F1 Authentics commenced the sale of current-season display cars last year, including the Alfa Romeo C42. This year, they have elevated to offering the actual show car that was featured at the team’s official launch event.

The exhibit car was constructed using digital design blueprints obtained directly from the team, ensuring that it is an authentic representation of the genuine vehicle. Although certain aero aspects on the underbody and wings may not precisely match those on the competitive cars due to confidentiality reasons, the overall dimensions faithfully resemble those of the authentic vehicles. Similar to the race cars, the display car is crafted using lightweight pre-preg carbon fiber components, manufactured utilizing an autoclave for the highest quality surface finish.

It is worth noting that the sales page specifies that the exhibit car has been “specifically designed for display purposes and not for competition, and has been engineered to withstand the stresses encountered in display applications.” While it is conceivable to attempt to fit an engine in the rear and take it to a track, the explicit warning suggests that the prospects of success are slim.

The car includes a functional steering mechanism that enables you to turn the wheels. Technological features consist of a 3D-printed steering wheel equipped with a functional display, as well as operational rain lights. The wheels can also be detached for practice pit stops or transportation purposes, alongside the capability to remove the nose and front wing.

The current estimates suggest that the exhibit car will be auctioned for over £400,000 ($482,000 USD). With that amount, one could entertain the thought of purchasing a legitimate F1 automobile, albeit one without the engine and certain components essential for operation. However, if your desire is to acquire the display car from Alfa Romeo’s 2023 launch, you must engage in the bidding process. As of the time of writing, the highest bid stands at £80,000 ($96,438) with 13 days remaining. Best of luck!

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