Volkswagen Golf R Lift Kit Revives the Off-Road Golf Country With 315 Horsepower

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The compact Volkswagen Golf has tested the waters of off-road driving but is predominantly known for its performance on regular roads. While VW hasn’t reintroduced the Alltrack model, there is an option to acquire a lifted Mk8 Golf. A specialized off-road company from Germany has created a conversion kit that transforms the new Golf R into a more robust hatchback than the standard Golf models. This conversion, named the Country, is fully equipped for trail adventures.

The idea for this conversion originated from delta4x4, a company known for unconventional modifications on vehicles like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Tesla Model 3. Inspired by the Mk2 Golf Country, a lesser-known model that featured extended suspension travel, all-wheel drive, a protective skid plate, and bull bars. While the Golf Country struggled with sales during its era, it has now gained a cult following. Given the current popularity of overlanding, now is the ideal time for its revival.

delta4x4 enhanced the Mk8 Golf R by raising it by 3.1 inches, resulting in approximately 8.8″ of ground clearance. This places it in Subaru Crosstrek’s territory while offering significantly more power with 315 horses. Additionally, the conversion involves swapping the original 19″ wheels for 18″ Hanma wheels and fitting them with off-road tires for improved grip and durability. To accommodate these changes, fender flares are added along with a roof rack and PIAA LED floodlights.

This entire customization adheres to TÜV standards, ensuring compliance with German road regulations. Consequently, it comes at a high cost, estimated at about $38,200 for the conversion alone, nearly matching the value of the base vehicle. Despite the price, buyers can expect exclusivity as delta4x4 plans to produce only 25 units of the Mk8 Golf Country. Its limited availability pays homage to the rarity of the inspiring Mk2, although it’s regrettable that there won’t be more of these exceptional Golf variants.

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