Unidentified Being Spotted on Video Dancing by Woman’s Infiniti QX30

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An unknown figure was caught on a Colorado woman’s security camera, sparking speculation about a potential extraterrestrial encounter or just a carefree individual enjoying a late-night escapade. The mysterious being seemed to be joyously prancing near the woman’s Infiniti QX30.

Vivian Gomez shared on her personal Facebook page, that while reviewing her residence’s security camera footage, she witnessed an unidentifiable bipedal entity striding around her premises. According to Gomez, the footage was captured at approximately 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 1.

Upon waking up on Sunday morning, Gomez was bewildered by the peculiar being captured on her camera and sought answers. The shadow initially caught her attention near the front door before the creature’s appearance. She reached out to inquire if others had similar sightings on their cameras, noting that two other cameras failed to detect the being for unknown reasons.

Remarks by Vivian Gomez via Facebook

The footage has already exceeded 10 million views, showcasing the small bipedal entity stumbling past her Infiniti and down the driveway. Judging by its height relative to the QX30, it appeared to be of a similar stature to the vehicle’s door sills, indicating a height likely between four to five feet—reminiscent of a child.

Gomez mentioned in the comments that she resides across from a high school, though the timing of the incident on a Saturday evening, and with schools not in session in most of Colorado, diminishes the likelihood of a teenage prank. Despite the enigmatic proportions of the entity, which appear somewhat awkward for a human, it seemed to be adorned in a floppy hat, possible flip-flops, and undergarments.

The motives behind roaming a residential area partially unclothed on a Saturday night remain unclear, leaning more towards a substance-induced episode rather than extraterrestrial intervention. A psychedelic encounter could explain this puzzling spectacle.

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