Designer of Ferrari Enzo Caught Speeding—in a Enzo

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Many individuals have experienced getting caught exceeding the speed limit at some point. Only a few have encountered such a situation in a vehicle they themselves had designed, and that too, a Ferrari. For a man in Japan, this amusing incident turned out to be a reality.
According to the Japan Times, Kiyoyuki “Ken” Okuyama, an industrial designer, was caught speeding in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture on October 1, 2022. Okuyama was driving his Ferrari Enzo, a vehicle on which he had played a substantial design role. Authorities recorded the Enzo traveling at 128 km/h (79 mph), a significant 88 km/h (54 mph) over the prescribed speed limit of 40 km/h (25 mph).

After the incident, the 63-year-old was given a four-month suspended prison sentence by the Yamagata District Court, valid for two years. Okuyama, in an expression of remorse following the decision, stated, “I acknowledge my mistake and assure that this will not be repeated, and I will contribute positively to society.” Okuyama had claimed that he was driving at higher speeds to cool down the Enzo’s engine, leading to the suspension of his sentence due to his candid admission of fault.

Okuyama has had a distinguished career and is recognized as a standout figure in the design realm in Japan. As highlighted by Hagerty, the Japanese government commended his work for its global impact that transcends cultural boundaries.

It is noteworthy that while serving as the design director at Pininfarina in 1995, Okuyama became the first non-Italian to be tasked with designing a Ferrari when he contributed to the creation of the Enzo. His design credits also include the initial Porsche Boxster, the 996-generation 911, and the E8-Series Shinkansen bullet train.

This case highlights the strict stance Japanese authorities hold towards speeding, especially when it involves substantial speed violations. Even being a celebrated internationally renowned designer will not exempt one from facing legal repercussions. It would be advisable to maintain a cautious speed on your next vacation in the Pacific.

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