Ultra-Rare Boschert B300 Gullwing for Sale Is a Fantastic Frankenstein Mercedes

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Rare Boschert B300 Gullwing, a Unique Mercedes-Engineered Marvel

Embrace the Fusion of Mercedes Design with Gullwing Doors

An extraordinary 1989 Boschert B300 “Gullwing,” a rare hybrid of two iconic Mercedes designs, is set to captivate enthusiasts at the upcoming RM Sotheby’s auction on November 25. This exceptional vehicle originated as a W124-generation Mercedes 300CE, underwent a striking transformation by German engineer Hartmut Boschert. The car’s roof structure was modified, the chassis shortened by nearly 10 inches, and gullwing doors installed. The front face received a makeover inspired by the R129-gen Mercedes SL-Class, topped with a unique emblem resembling an inverted Mercedes logo. Inside, the B300 Gullwing boasts R129 front seats and a refurbished purple interior.

Performance Comes Alive

Retaining the original 3.2-liter inline-six engine, Boschert enhanced its power with twin turbochargers, yielding an impressive 283 horsepower. The engine’s prowess is channeled through a five-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels.

Exclusivity at Its Finest

Originally intended to produce 300 units, only a handful of these rare models were ever crafted, making the B300 Gullwing truly a collector’s dream. Recently, in 2023, the vehicle underwent extensive restoration, including a substantial $17,159 mechanical service, $8,236 paintwork, and a $5,048 leather refurbishment.

Auction Anticipation

RM Sotheby’s anticipates the Boschert B300 Gullwing to fetch up to $320,000 at the upcoming auction. While the market abounds with remarkable vehicles, the allure of a 1980s Mercedes with gullwing doors, powered by a straight-six engine and manual transmission, stands out as a testament to automotive ingenuity and style.


The fusion of classic Mercedes design elements with a unique twist in the form of gullwing doors makes the Boschert B300 Gullwing a rare gem in the automotive world. Its blend of iconic Mercedes styling and bespoke modifications creates a one-of-a-kind driving experience that is bound to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.


1. How many Boschert B300 Gullwings were initially planned for production?

Initially, 300 units were intended to be produced; however, only a few of these rare models were actually built, rendering them highly exclusive and sought after by collectors.

2. What enhancements were made to the original 3.2-liter inline-six engine of the Boschert B300 Gullwing?

The engine power of the Boschert B300 Gullwing was augmented with twin turbochargers, boosting its output to an impressive 283 horsepower, delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

3. What makes the Boschert B300 Gullwing stand out among other exquisite vehicles?

The Boschert B300 Gullwing’s amalgamation of classic Mercedes design with the unique addition of gullwing doors, along with its manual transmission and distinctive styling, sets it apart as a true automotive marvel worth the attention of enthusiasts and collectors.

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