Buick Begins EV Push With Electra Sub-Brand, Wildcat Concept Car

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Buick’s Electrifying Move: Introducing the Electra Sub-Brand and Wildcat Concept Car

Buick, the SUV-focused premium brand under General Motors, made a bold announcement on Wednesday, revealing its plan to transition entirely to electric vehicles by 2030. This strategic shift towards electrification includes the introduction of a new sub-brand called Electra for all upcoming electric Buick models. Alongside this initiative, Buick teased a futuristic concept car named the Wildcat, signaling a significant departure from its traditional SUV lineup.

Electra Sub-Brand: A Rebirth for Buick

All forthcoming electric Buick vehicles will bear the Electra name, a tribute to the marque’s heritage. The first all-electric Buick, scheduled for a 2024 release, will utilize GM’s advanced Ultium platform. Buick provided a glimpse into its future design direction with the Wildcat concept, a sleek 2+2 coupe that defies the SUV trend prevalent in the automotive industry.

Redefining the Buick Brand

While Buick clarified that the Wildcat concept won’t enter production, it serves as a visual representation of the brand’s upcoming transformation. The new Buick logo featured on the concept car will become a staple across all future models, marking the brand’s most significant rebranding effort in over three decades. Additionally, design cues from the Wildcat, such as the distinctive front fascia and Cadillac-inspired rear design, are expected to influence upcoming Buick models.

Embracing Change with Style

Buick’s embrace of electrification and design evolution aligns it with other GM brands undergoing a rejuvenation process. By infusing fresh aesthetic elements and colors into their lineup, Buick aims to redefine its identity and appeal to a new generation of consumers.

Buick’s upcoming transformation hints at a promising future where innovation and style converge, setting the stage for a reimagined brand that blends tradition with modernity.


Buick’s bold leap into electrification and design innovation signals a pivotal moment in the brand’s history. By introducing the Electra sub-brand and showcasing the Wildcat concept car, Buick is poised to redefine its identity and shape the future of premium electric vehicles. With a renewed focus on sustainability and style, Buick’s journey towards an all-electric lineup promises to captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide.


1. What is the significance of Buick’s decision to go all-electric by 2030?

Buick’s commitment to an all-electric future demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and technological advancement in the automotive industry. By embracing electrification, Buick aims to reduce its carbon footprint and meet the evolving needs of consumers.

2. Will the Wildcat concept car be produced for the market?

While Buick has confirmed that the Wildcat concept car will not enter production, it serves as a design showcase to indicate the brand’s future direction. Elements from the concept may influence upcoming Buick models, showcasing Buick’s commitment to innovation and style.

3. How will the Electra sub-brand differentiate Buick’s electric vehicles?

The Electra sub-brand will distinguish Buick’s electric vehicles, paying homage to Buick’s heritage while signifying a new era of electrification. By branding all electric models under Electra, Buick aims to create a cohesive identity for its electric vehicle lineup.

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