This Ultra-Low-Mileage McLaren F1 Is For Sale Again But No One’s Driving It

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Exclusive McLaren F1 with Incredible Low Mileage Up for Auction

A McLaren F1 with an exceptionally low mileage of 254 miles is causing a stir in the automotive world as it heads to auction through RM Sotheby’s. Despite its estimated $20 million price tag, the real issue at hand seems to be the lack of driving this iconic piece of engineering has seen.

The Unpardonable Neglect

It’s baffling why such a rare and distinctive vehicle, among only 106 ever made, has been mostly confined to storage. Painted in the unique Creighton Brown hue, this McLaren F1, delivered to Japan in 1995, seems to have barely tasted the tarmac due to its perceived value and exclusivity.

The Crime of Neglect

With a mere 9 miles driven on average per year, this McLaren F1 has changed hands multiple times but has barely seen the light of day. From a proud 242 miles in 2021 to a meager 254 miles in total, this automotive masterpiece has become more of a static display than the driving marvel Gordon Murray envisioned.

The Soul of a Supercar

Gordon Murray designed the McLaren F1 to be driven, not to gather dust in a collection. Crafted with a central driving position, a naturally aspirated V12 engine, and manual transmission, this V12-powered legend begs to be unleashed on the road, not stored away like a forgotten relic.

A Call to Action

As this automotive gem risks becoming only a commodity for future investors, the true essence of driving excellence embodied by the McLaren F1 may fade into oblivion. Here’s hoping a passionate enthusiast with the courage to defy convention will rescue this beauty from a life of stagnation.


The fate of this ultra-low-mileage McLaren F1 hangs delicately between preservation and liberation. As automotive history quietly sits in a garage, one can’t help but long for the roar of its V12 engine echoing through the streets once more.


Why is this McLaren F1 so special?

This McLaren F1 is extraordinary due to its incredibly low mileage of 254 miles, unique Creighton Brown paint, and the fact that it’s one of only 106 McLaren F1s ever produced.

Who designed the McLaren F1?

The McLaren F1 was designed by Gordon Murray and his team at McLaren, who aimed to create the ultimate driving experience with a central seating position, BMW V12 engine, and manual transmission.

Why has this McLaren F1 seen so little driving?

Despite changing hands multiple times, each owner has driven it sparingly, likely due to its increasing monetary value and perceived risk of damage to such a rare and collectible vehicle.

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