Comparison between McLaren F1 and GMA T.50

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If given another opportunity to start afresh, would you seize it? Gordon Murray, the mastermind behind the McLaren F1, answered affirmatively. Having the chance to revisit and enhance a work of art is a rare occurrence, and Murray acted upon it with the T.50.

Unveiled in 1992, the McLaren F1 continues to be a renowned supercar celebrated for its exceptional engineering and speed. Conceived by Gordon Murray, it held the title of the fastest production car during its time, achieving a maximum speed of 240 mph. The F1 boasts a distinctive three-seat layout with the driver centrally positioned, and its 6.1-liter V12 engine sourced from BMW generates 618 horsepower.

Through its carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the car’s lightweight design, coupled with groundbreaking aerodynamics that create downforce without the need for large wings, established new benchmarks in the realm of automobiles.

In 2020, Gordon Murray Automotive introduced the T.50 as a contemporary successor to the McLaren F1, embodying Murray’s concept of the ultimate driver’s vehicle. Similar to the F1, the T.50 showcases a central driving position and a naturally aspirated V12 engine, this time engineered by Cosworth, delivering 654 horsepower and reaching rev limits of up to 12,100 rpm.

Emphasizing on lightweight engineering, the T.50 utilizes advanced carbon fiber construction to achieve a curb weight of merely 2,174 pounds. Its innovative aerodynamic design incorporates a 400mm fan located at the rear, augmenting downforce and stability.

But the question remains – which one would you prefer? Witness this spectacular video from Hagerty on YouTube showcasing the McLaren F1 and GMA T.50 being driven together on the road for the first time, and witness how they stack up against each other!

Source: Hagerty, YouTube

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