This R34 Skyline-Style Nissan GT-R Build Is a Killer Throwback Supercar

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Killer Throwback: R34 Skyline-Style Nissan GT-R Build

Reviving the Legends

For enthusiasts of classic car designs, the resurrection of vintage aesthetics is a cherished trend. Just like the Plymouth Prowler drew inspiration from hot rods and Lamborghini paid homage to the Countach, the nostalgia now extends to the 1990s Japanese car scene. The spotlight is on an R35 Nissan GT-R model, reimagined in the iconic style of the R34 Skyline—resulting in a breathtaking fusion of past and present.

Crafting a Masterpiece

Dubbed as the R34.5, this stunning creation was envisioned by Roman Miah, the design director at Artisan Vehicle Design. Teaming up with the renowned German Porsche resto-modder, Rensla Automotive Design, the project promises a revolutionary tribute to the R34 legacy. The car, boasting a carbon fiber body, is a modernized homage to its predecessors, signifying a true evolution of the Skyline GT-R lineage.

Performance and Precision

Delving into the interior transformation, Artisan plans to elevate the driving experience by incorporating Alcantara and carbon fiber elements in key touchpoints like seats, steering wheel, and shifter. With a focus on weight reduction ranging from 440 to 660 pounds, the performance enhancements are set to be substantial. Collaborating with a U.K. GT-R specialist, Artisan is fine-tuning the engine, transmission, aero, suspension, and brakes for optimal track performance, with an Ultimate package aimed at further refining the car for racing prowess.

The Road Ahead

Anticipated to unveil the prototype by Spring 2024, Miah envisions meticulous testing before the production of customer vehicles. The estimated price tag of $467,000 may reflect a premium for this bespoke creation, once celebrated for its accessible performance. Yet, compared to the lofty $1.2 million price of the Italdesign GT-R50, the R34.5’s price point might attract discerning buyers, especially amid the escalating values of the R34 models.


The fusion of heritage charm and cutting-edge engineering in the R34 Skyline-style Nissan GT-R build is a testament to automotive creativity. As this modern-day classic takes shape, it signifies a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation, offering a thrilling journey for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


What is the inspiration behind the R34 Skyline-style Nissan GT-R build?

The project draws its inspiration from the iconic design of the R34 Skyline, aiming to modernize the classic aesthetic with a touch of carbon fiber sophistication.

How does the R34.5 differentiate itself from its predecessors?

The R34.5 incorporates a carbon fiber body, interior upgrades with Alcantara and carbon fiber elements, and significant weight reduction for enhanced performance, setting it apart as a unique tribute to the Skyline GT-R lineage.

When can we expect the R34.5 to hit the market?

The first prototype is expected to be completed by Spring 2024, followed by rigorous testing before customer deliveries commence, offering a blend of heritage charm and high-octane performance to automotive enthusiasts.

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