Be Bold and Buy This 1965 Ford Mustang That’s Really a FWD Honda Underneath

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Article Title: Discover This Unique 1965 Ford Mustang With a Honda Twist on Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is becoming the go-to platform for finding unique rides, with a recent standout being a 1965 Ford Mustang listed for $15,500 that surprises by having an ’05 Honda Accord underneath. Let’s delve into this unusual blend of classic American muscle and Japanese reliability.

Unveiling the Frankenstein Car

The listing boasts this Mustang Accord hybrid as “the most reliable Ford in Missouri,” a bold claim that sparks curiosity. Visually, the fusion of the ’65 Mustang retro body with Honda elements like fender flares and a Honda script creates a polarizing look. Inside, Honda components dominate with an eclectic mix of features, including hand-crank windows and automatic shifter.

A Mechanical Puzzle

Under the hood lies a Honda K24 engine that delivers 160 horsepower, contrasting the Mustang’s original powertrains. The transverse-mounted engine arrangement adds to the car’s puzzling nature. The ad showcases the Accord’s unibody and the original Mustang shell, revealing the craftsmanship behind this unconventional build.


While opinions on this unconventional creation may vary, it undeniably stands out for its uniqueness. Whether the $15,500 price tag is justified is subjective. Potential buyers should consider the labor and ingenuity put into this one-of-a-kind vehicle before making a decision.


1. Is this 1965 Ford Mustang Accord hybrid a reliable daily driver?
The seller claims it to be the most reliable Ford in Missouri and a solid daily driver, making it suitable for daily use.

2. What engine powers this unique car?
The car is powered by a Honda K24 four-cylinder engine that originally made 160 horsepower, providing a blend of reliability and performance.

3. Are there any original Mustang components left in this hybrid vehicle?
While the car retains the ’65 Mustang’s retro body shell, the interior and mechanical components are predominantly sourced from the Honda Accord, resulting in a distinctive fusion of styles.

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By exploring this unconventional creation on Facebook Marketplace, automotive enthusiasts can witness a fusion of two automotive worlds that challenges traditional norms, making it a conversation starter for those seeking a unique ride.

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