This NASCAR Mustang Really Just Stole Toyota’s Castrol TOM’s Supra Livery

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NASCAR Mustang Debuts Toyota’s Castrol TOM’s Supra Livery


The iconic Castrol livery, known for its presence on dominant Toyotas in the 1990s, is making a surprising comeback in NASCAR. The classic design will now adorn a Ford Mustang, creating a nostalgic twist in the world of racing liveries.

A Tribute to Racing History

Brad Keselowski’s No. 6 Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing Mustang will proudly display the Castrol tribute during NASCAR’s Throwback Weekend at Darlington Raceway from May 10 through 12. Keselowski personally chose this livery over other Castrol classics to honor the rich racing heritage associated with it.

Breaking Tradition

While the Castrol livery has historically been linked to Toyota, it has also graced vehicles from various other brands such as Ford, Honda, and Jaguar. However, its debut on a Ford Mustang in NASCAR represents a significant departure from its usual associations, adding a fresh and unexpected element to the racing scene.

Retro Designs Galore

The NASCAR Darlington Throwback Weekend race will feature a mix of retro liveries, including a revival of the Corn Flakes design with a Hendrick Motorsports twist. This event promises to be a visual feast for fans of vintage racing aesthetics.


The entrance of the Castrol TOM’s Supra Livery into the NASCAR arena on a Ford Mustang brings a blend of nostalgia and innovation to the racing world. As fans gear up for the Throwback Weekend at Darlington Raceway, they can look forward to a showcase of iconic designs that pay homage to the rich history of motorsports.


1. Why is the Castrol livery significant in racing history?

The Castrol livery is renowned for adorning some of the most dominant racing vehicles in the 1990s, leaving a lasting impact on the motorsports world.

2. How did the Castrol livery end up on a Ford Mustang in NASCAR?

Brad Keselowski of RFK Racing chose to showcase the Castrol tribute on his No. 6 Ford Mustang as a nod to the racing heritage associated with the iconic design.

3. What other retro designs can fans expect at the Darlington Throwback Weekend?

In addition to the Castrol TOM’s Supra Livery, fans will witness a revival of the Corn Flakes design with a Hendrick Motorsports twist, adding to the nostalgia-filled atmosphere of the event.

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