Infiniti’s Lack of EVs, Aging Lineup Forces Dealer to Sell Tesla Model 3 Instead

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Infiniti’s Lack of EVs Leads Dealers to Sell Tesla Model 3

The Impact of Infiniti’s Delay in EVs on Dealerships

As the automotive industry embraces the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, Infiniti, a luxury automaker under Nissan, seems to be lagging behind. With an aging lineup and the absence of a full EV offering, Infiniti’s sales are suffering.

Dealership Takes Unconventional Approach

One Infiniti dealership in Canada faced a dilemma when a loyal customer demanded an electric vehicle, a type not available in Infiniti’s lineup. In a bold move, the dealership purchased a Tesla Model 3 to meet the customer’s needs, showcasing a trend of adaptation to market demands.

Quick and Effective Solution

By sourcing a Tesla Model 3 for the customer, the dealership demonstrated agility and customer-centricity. Leveraging Tesla’s online ordering system that emphasizes convenience, the dealership quickly facilitated the purchase, underlining the changing landscape of car buying processes.

Looking to the Future

While the customer now enjoys his Tesla Model 3, the dealership anticipates his return when Infiniti releases its electric vehicle lineup in 2021. However, the challenge lies in convincing customers accustomed to innovative technology to switch back to a brand that is playing catch-up.


Infiniti’s failure to keep pace with the EV trend forces dealers to resort to unconventional sales tactics, like offering Tesla vehicles. As the automotive landscape evolves, adaptability and customer focus remain key for dealerships to thrive in a changing market.


Why hasn’t Infiniti introduced an electric vehicle yet?

Despite Nissan’s expertise, Infiniti has been slow to roll out full EVs, resulting in a lack of competitive offerings in the market.

How did the Infiniti dealership address a customer’s EV demand?

The dealership sourced a Tesla Model 3 for the customer, showcasing adaptability to market demands and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Will the customer stick with Infiniti when they launch their EV line?

Although the dealership hopes for the customer’s return, the challenge lies in enticing customers back from brands offering cutting-edge technology.

How did the dealership make the Tesla purchase happen quickly?

By leveraging Tesla’s online ordering system, the dealership efficiently facilitated the purchase without additional hassles, emphasizing a modern approach to car sales.

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