Thieves Attempting Car Theft Foiled Due to Inability to Operate Manual Porsche

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Surely, you’ve encountered the nostalgic Facebook memes featuring a manual gearshift with a witty caption like: “Generation Y anti-theft mechanism.” Although at times cringe-worthy, it’s worth acknowledging that even broken clocks show the correct time twice a day. While the generational identity of the violent car robbers attempting to steal a man’s car in Bethesda, Maryland remains unknown, what’s certain is that the owner’s car manual transmission effectively deterred the theft.

As reported by Fox 5 DC, Bethesda eatery proprietor Myo Maung fell victim to three carjackers last Sunday night as he departed his establishment. After being attacked with a gun and having his keys seized, the robbers endeavored to drive off in Maung’s Porsche 718. Yet, their lack of proficiency with a manual transmission forced them to abandon the Porsche and abscond in their Nissan.

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In the dashcam footage obtained by Fox 5, the three carjackers can be observed pulling up beside the stationary Porsche, just as Maung approaches. They then exit the vehicle and confront him at gunpoint, momentarily going offscreen. After seizing his keys, they struggle to initiate the Porsche, likely struggling with engaging the clutch pedal. Despite multiple attempts to start it, they stall the vehicle at least twice without successfully driving away before the clip concludes.

While Maung mentioned hearing a gunshot during the incident, no shell casings were found by the authorities, nor is there any evidence of gunfire in the footage. The culprits managed to escape, prompting police investigators to urge anyone with pertinent information to come forward. Although the carjackers’ license plate is visible in the video, it’s possible that the vehicle was stolen or using a counterfeit plate.

Fortunately, Maung is recuperating from his injuries and appears to be in stable condition. Furthermore, his Porsche remained in his possession, highlighting the irony that despite the cringe factor of stick-shift jokes, the declining number of individuals proficient with manual transmissions, due to automakers phasing them out, ultimately safeguarded Maung’s Porsche from being stolen.

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