Is the Revamped 2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior a Hit or a Miss?

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We were pleasantly surprised this morning by the unveiling of the extensively updated version of the GR Yaris hot hatch by Toyota at the Tokyo Auto Salon. While it won’t be available in North America, the GR Corolla is there to fill that void. This special Yaris model will undergo significant changes this year, including a power-boosted G16E-GTS three-cylinder engine, Toyota’s new optional Direct Automatic Transmission, and the main topic of today’s conversation – a redesigned interior. What are your thoughts on it?
The new dashboard of the GR Yaris is angled towards the driver, reminiscent of the iconic Mk IV Supra. This unique feature is exclusive to the GR Yaris, distinguishing it from the standard Yaris with its more generic and playful interior design. The updated layout conceals the infotainment display, HVAC controls, and adjacent buttons with an aluminum-effect panel that protrudes from the rest of the dashboard, strategically positioned within easy reach of the driver.
The new dashboard design of the GR Yaris can be seen as a symbol of pride, a special feature tailored exclusively for the GR Yaris, Toyota’s unique sports car developed independently alongside the GR Corolla. While I appreciate the concept, the angular shape feels somewhat misplaced within the cabin due to its lack of harmony with other elements. It almost resembles the temporary interiors often found in prototype vehicles, concealing the true design beneath a facade.
An advantage of the new layout is the relocation of the touchscreen lower on the dashboard, avoiding the protruding appearance common in modern car designs. While some may find this design trend bothersome, personally, I find it acceptable. I must admit, I am one of the few who appreciates the interior of the GR Corolla, a model that shares many components with both the old and new Yaris variants.
It will be intriguing to observe whether Toyota implements similar updates to the GR Corolla in the future. The Yaris is now inheriting the Corolla’s enhanced power (particularly in terms of torque with the Morizo Edition), digital gauge cluster, and even the GR-Four intercooler emblem. Hopefully, Toyota extends its latest advancements to the larger model for those unable to acquire the smaller variant. On the other hand, if you disapprove of the new dashboard design, feel free to share your thoughts below.
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