The VW ID. GTI Concept Is the Future of Your Favorite German Hot Hatch

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The Future of Hot Hatches: VW ID. GTI Concept

Meet the Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept

Volkswagen unveils the future of the iconic GTI hot hatch with the electric VW ID. GTI Concept. This concept car represents the next chapter in the GTI legacy, signaling a shift towards electrification in the world of performance hatchbacks.

The Evolution to Electric Power

The VW ID. GTI Concept is set to go into production, with Volkswagen emphasizing that this is more than just a show car. While the final production model may see some modifications, the concept provides a tantalizing glimpse into the direction VW is taking with the GTI lineup.

Performance and Design

Based on the VW ID.2 platform, the ID. GTI combines the modern Golf’s underpinnings with the high-performance characteristics of the GTI brand. Sporting a distinctive body kit with design elements inspired by the GTI’s heritage, this electric hot hatch retains the essence of its predecessors while embracing the benefits of electric propulsion.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Despite the opportunity to explore rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations in an electric setup, Volkswagen sticks with front-wheel drive for the ID. GTI. The car features a single motor powering the front axle through a limited-slip differential, maintaining the front-drive tradition of the GTI lineage. Additionally, the ID. GTI offers various “GTI Profiles” that allow drivers to experience the look, sound, and feel of classic GTI models through simulated technology.


The VW ID. GTI Concept embodies the exciting fusion of tradition and innovation, showcasing how electric power can elevate the performance of iconic hot hatches. With a commitment to preserving the essence of the GTI legacy while embracing the advancements of electric mobility, Volkswagen is paving the way for a thrilling future for enthusiasts of spirited driving.


Will the VW ID. GTI Concept go into production?

Yes, Volkswagen has confirmed that a production version inspired by the concept will be hitting showrooms soon.

Does the VW ID. GTI Concept retain the front-wheel-drive setup of traditional GTIs?

Indeed, the concept maintains the front-wheel-drive layout to stay true to the GTI’s heritage, powered by a single motor and features a limited-slip front differential.

Can drivers experience the characteristics of classic GTI models with the ID. GTI?

Absolutely! The ID. GTI offers “GTI Profiles” that simulate the driving characteristics of iconic GTI models, enhancing the overall driving experience.

What design elements pay homage to the GTI’s sporting heritage in the VW ID. GTI Concept?

The concept incorporates a blocky, funky body kit, a faux diffuser, contoured side skirts, and front lip, all painted in black to reflect the high-performance DNA of the GTI lineup.

Is the VW ID. GTI Concept a significant departure from traditional GTIs?

While introducing electric power, the concept retains the core elements that have made GTIs beloved by enthusiasts, blending modern advancements with the timeless spirit of the GTI brand.# Article

Volkswagen Unveils ID. GTI Concept: A Glimpse into the Future of Performance Cars

Volkswagen recently revealed the ID. GTI concept, showcasing a futuristic take on performance vehicles. Let’s delve into the key details of this cutting-edge automobile.

Dimensions and Features

The ID. GTI boasts a sleek design with dimensions measuring 161.6 inches long, a 102.4-inch wheelbase, 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels running 245/35 tires, 59 inches tall, and 72.4 inches wide. The interior offers 17.3 cubic feet of cargo space along with a secondary stowage box providing an additional 1.8 cubic feet.

Innovative Technology

Inside the cockpit, drivers are greeted by a 10.9-inch Digital Cockpit that offers essential information. A unique feature allows the display to mimic the cluster of an old Mk2 Golf, adding a nostalgic touch. Volkswagen teases an augmented reality function that overlays a track map, creating a video game-like experience for the driver.

A Modern Twist on Tradition

Traditionally, “GTI” stood for Grand Touring Injection, a term that reflects fuel injection systems in combustion engine vehicles. To adapt to the electric nature of the ID. GTI, Volkswagen reimagined the “I” as “Intelligence,” bringing a modern twist to a classic name.

The Future of Performance Cars

As the automotive industry shifts towards electric power, Volkswagen’s ID. GTI concept represents a new era for performance vehicles. With other manufacturers like Hyundai exploring similar avenues with electric performance cars, there is anticipation for what the future holds in store.


The ID. GTI concept by Volkswagen signifies a significant leap into the world of electric performance cars. With a blend of innovative technology and a nod to tradition, this concept car paves the way for a promising future in the realm of performance vehicles.


What does “GTI” stand for in the Volkswagen ID. GTI concept?

Traditionally, “GTI” stood for Grand Touring Injection, referring to fuel injection systems in combustion engine vehicles. However, Volkswagen redefined it as “Intelligence” in the ID. GTI concept to align with its electric nature.

What are some key dimensions of the Volkswagen ID. GTI concept?

The Volkswagen ID. GTI concept measures 161.6 inches long, with a wheelbase of 102.4 inches. It is 59 inches tall and 72.4 inches wide, offering a modern and aerodynamic design.

What innovative technology does the ID. GTI concept feature?

The ID. GTI concept boasts a 10.9-inch Digital Cockpit that provides essential information to the driver. Additionally, it offers a unique feature where the display can mimic the cluster of an old Mk2 Golf, adding a nostalgic touch to the modern cockpit.

How does the Volkswagen ID. GTI concept contribute to the future of performance cars?

As the automotive industry transitions towards electric power, the Volkswagen ID. GTI concept represents a new era for performance vehicles. By blending cutting-edge technology with a tribute to tradition, this concept car sets the stage for an exciting future in the performance car segment.

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