Mazda Once Built 1,000 Haribo-Themed Cars With Adorable Gummy Bear Wheel Covers

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Mazda’s Delicious Collaboration: 1,000 Haribo-Themed Cars Revealed

Mazda’s Sweet Surprise

Mazda enthusiasts might be familiar with the brand’s reputation for crafting efficient and enjoyable everyday cars. However, what many may not know is the delightful partnership Mazda once had with the world of gummy bears in the early ’90s, resulting in the charming Mazda 121 Goldy.

The Goldy Edition Delight

Limited to just 1,000 units for the European market, the Mazda 121 Goldy was a special treat for both car and candy aficionados. Painted in eye-catching Pop Yellow, each car was adorned with unique Haribo bear wheel covers reminiscent of the popular Ronal Urs design. Inside, the Momo sports steering wheel featured a cute Haribo mascot on the horn button, complemented by a rear window shade flaunting a whimsical gummy bear design.

Sweet Surprises Inside

Owners of the Goldy edition were not only greeted with a fashionable vehicle but also received a Haribo teddy bear and a generous supply of 100 bags of Haribo gummies. These convertible models allowed drivers the pleasure of enjoying the sunshine with the top down. Under the hood, the cars boasted a 16-valve version of Mazda’s B3 engine, delivering a respectable 72 horsepower, a close relative of the legendary B6 engine found in the original Mazda Miata.

The Uncommon Mazda 121 Goldy

If the Mazda 121 Goldy seems unfamiliar to you, that’s because this model never made its way to the United States. Primarily distributed in Japan, Australia, and Europe, the Mazda 121, also known as the Autozam Revue in Japan, embraced a compact sedan design in its second generation, earning the moniker “Bubble” car for its rounded aesthetics. Designed as affordable urban transport, its lightweight construction of merely 1,800 pounds promised decent acceleration without breaking the bank.

Hofele Design’s Touch of Magic

The unique Mazda 121 Goldy was brought to life by Hofele Design, a renowned tuning company recognized for its work on luxury German cars. German media personality Thomas Gottschalk, famed for his appearances in Haribo commercials, helped promote these distinctive vehicles. Today, Mazda houses a Goldy model in the Mazda Classic Automobile Museum Frey in Germany, showcasing its enduring legacy.


While the Mazda 121 Goldy might not be a highly sought-after collectible due to its economy car status, it certainly stands out as a rare and flavorful piece of Mazda’s history, bridging the gap between automotive innovation and sweet delights.


What was the special feature of the Mazda 121 Goldy edition?

The Mazda 121 Goldy edition featured unique Haribo bear wheel covers, a colorful Pop Yellow exterior, and interior touches like a Haribo mascot on the steering wheel and a gummy bear-themed rear window shade.

How many Mazda 121 Goldy cars were produced?

Only 1,000 examples of the Mazda 121 Goldy were manufactured exclusively for the European market, making it a rare find today.

Where can enthusiasts find a Mazda 121 Goldy today?

Mazda retains a Mazda 121 Goldy model in the Mazda Classic Automobile Museum Frey in Augsburg, Germany, showcasing this special collaboration’s enduring legacy.

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