The Priciest Way to Surrender to Max Verstappen: Pagani’s Huayra R Sim Rig

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If you’re considering splurging on a racing sim rig, why not aim for the sky in terms of price and seriousness? The newly released Pagani Huayra R Simulator is a sight to behold. Resembling a high-tech fusion of a multi-million-dollar hypercar and gaming setup, this simulator is a rare treat reserved for those with a knack for luxury Italian exotics.

The exact cost of the Huayra R sim remains a mystery, intentionally kept under wraps by Pagani. What we do know is that it was crafted in partnership with the elite team at Racing Unleashed, recognized for their top-tier rigs. Initially exclusive to the 30 lucky Huayra R owners, Pagani has now opened up the opportunity for all interested parties to lay hands on one of these, provided they can afford the undisclosed hefty sum. Given its lavish carbon fiber exterior manufactured in the same autoclave as the hypercar’s panels, the price likely exceeds $100,000.

The steering wheel, pedals, seat, and safety belts bear an uncanny resemblance to those found in the Huayra R, allowing drivers to feel right at home. Featuring a 5.1 surround-sound system with a built-in kicker to replicate the exhilarating growl of the naturally aspirated V12 engine, the simulator also provides realistic movements in terms of pitch, roll, and yaw. Positioned at the top corners are pods likely for VR head tracking, enhancing the immersion for those seeking an even more intense experience while risking motion sickness. However, amidst the virtual reality, the intricate details of metal, carbon fiber, and craftsmanship might go unnoticed.

Beneath the glamorous facade lies a mystery computer boasting high-performance features, running the popular Assetto Corsa. Until a superior sim emerges, this one is poised to retain its popularity. Moreover, Pagani promises customers the chance to receive coaching from professional race drivers within the simulator or engage in competitions with fellow owners organized by the automaker. Owning a six-figure rig means refusing to be beaten by just any casual gamer.

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