Can You Guess Why ‘Hellcat Mike’ Was Arrested?

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Anyone who includes Hellcat in their alias clearly possesses a profound passion for Dodge’s mighty V8-powered vehicles. Surprisingly, this moniker was earned through the illicit act of purloining Hellcats and installing their motors into the vehicles of clients. Along with three accomplices, he was apprehended for various offenses such as engaging in organized crime and committing auto theft in San Antonio, Texas.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office conducted the arrests after a year-long investigation dubbed “Operation Hellcat Mike.” The inquiry revealed that Hellcat Mike and several accomplices would steal powerful V8 Dodges, remove their engines and components, and transplant them into less valuable Mopar vehicles, which were subsequently peddled on Facebook Marketplace, often adorned with a prominent Hellcat decal near the C-pillar.

A screenshot from the sheriff's department video on facebook showing photos of the arrested suspects from Hellcat Mike's ring
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Authorities surveilled Hellcat Mike’s San Antonio establishment, intercepting a Chrysler 300 departing the premises. Upon inspection, they discovered a discrepancy between the vehicle’s VIN and the computer record. Further examination revealed that the VIN of the Chrysler didn’t match its digital counterpart, but rather aligned with that of a Dodge Charger Hellcat stolen months earlier. In addition, on the same day, law enforcement spotted a Ram 1500 leaving the shop with a license plate belonging to a different Dodge Charger. According to The Drive,

Armed with a search warrant, sheriff’s deputies raided the premises. The initial search yielded seven stolen vehicles and multiple stolen parts, including PCMs sourced from local dealerships, as well as a Charger in the midst of modification.

“Hellcat” Mike Wilson, aged 37, and three accomplices, aged 19 to 33, were apprehended. Two additional suspects, both aged 18, are currently evading arrest. The Hellcat culprits faced a range of charges, including engaging in organized crime, unauthorized vehicle usage, and auto theft. The sheriff’s office specified that Hellcat Mike is confronted with a $750,000 bond for his involvement in the illicit operation and related offenses.

Dodge Chargers equipped with Hellcat and Hemi engines ranked as the most frequently stolen vehicles between 2020 and 2022, with Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) findings illustrating that Hellcats were approximately 60 times more likely to be pilfered than the average car during the same period. For Hellcat enthusiasts and owners in the San Antonio vicinity, the security of their vehicles may now be significantly heightened with the incarceration of Hellcat Mike.

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