The Lotus SUV Sure Looks a Lot Like Every Other Electric Crossover

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The Lotus SUV: A New Contender in the Electric Crossover Market


No one saw it coming, but Lotus is diving into the SUV world with not one but two models, the first of which is expected soon. Leaked images from an Australian patent application by Motor1 give us a sneak peek at the Lotus Type 132, and judging by the looks, it’s nothing like the lightweight sports cars we associate with Lotus. Instead, it seems to blend in seamlessly with the crowd of electric SUVs saturating the market.

A Closer Look at the Lotus Type 132

While the Lotus Type 132 may resemble established electric crossovers, it does bear some unique touches that hint at its sports car heritage. The midsized Type 132 is set to compete with the likes of the Audi E-Tron, sporting a design that includes aerodynamic elements on the hood and a distinctive two-piece spoiler at the rear. These features add a touch of “Lotus flair” to an otherwise conventional crossover design.

Standout Features and Design

Despite its electric nature, the Type 132 offers commendable ground clearance and a substantial presence both in the front and rear. However, don’t expect a spacious front trunk (frunk); the storage capacity under the hood seems limited, likely reserved primarily for a crumple zone. The car’s full unveiling is scheduled for March 29, promising more insights into its features, including the infotainment system.


While the Lotus Type 132 may not break new ground in terms of design, its fusion of crossover practicality with Lotus’ performance DNA could make it an interesting player in the competitive electric SUV segment. As the automotive world eagerly awaits its official debut, only time will tell whether Lotus can successfully translate its sports car legacy into the realm of family SUVs.


Will the Lotus Type 132 stand out among other electric crossovers?

While the design of the Lotus Type 132 may appear similar to existing electric SUVs, it incorporates unique elements that give it a distinctively Lotus touch, setting it apart in its own way.

What can we expect from the Lotus Type 132’s features?

The Lotus Type 132 is anticipated to offer competitive ground clearance, aerodynamic enhancements, and a sporty rear spoiler, highlighting its blend of crossover practicality and sports car inspiration.

When is the official reveal of the Lotus Type 132?

The full presentation of the Lotus Type 132 is scheduled for March 29, offering more insights into its design and features, including details on its infotainment system.

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