The Ideal Compact Pickup: Land Rover Discovery Pickup Truck

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In the past, Land Rover focused on offering a pickup body option only for its Defender series, leaving Range Rover and Discovery enthusiasts with aftermarket solutions. However, when the LR4-generation Discovery debuted in 2009, it wasn’t perceived as a utility vehicle, so it wasn’t initially designed as a pickup truck. Nevertheless, that didn’t deter skilled fabricators like VA-K Innovation in Mexico. After spending five months on the project, they successfully transformed the LR4 into a luxurious pickup truck.

By analyzing Land Rover’s integrated body-on-frame chassis meticulously, VA-K’s team, located near Guadalajara, extended the frame using the standard tubular steel method. They incorporated OEM parts wherever possible and integrated custom electronics for features like the power rear window and LED lighting.

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The unique truck project, with a tall bed, is currently a one-off creation custom-built for an undisclosed price. VA-K Innovation mentioned to The Drive that they are open to producing more similar pickups in the future, with a forecasted reduced build time for subsequent projects.

The LR4 model offered a 5.0-liter V8 engine generating 370 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque, which puts it outside the high-performance truck category. However, with the potential addition of a supercharger, this compact pickup could elevate its performance capabilities.

Interestingly, the LR4 pickup isn’t the first unconventional project by VA-K Innovation. Previously, they transformed a 1993 Lincoln Town Car into a retro fusion of a 1950s Bentley with the Spirit of Ecstasy.

soaring metal object of Rolls-Royce as a front ornament.

Up to this point, neither the Goodwood nor the Crewe establishment bothered to provide a statement.

Affirmative, it resembles a bit like Japanese Mitsuoka encountered The Car from 1977, yet that’s the path taken by the transformed Bentley-Rolls Town Car from the southern region.

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