The 2021 Genesis G80 Emerges with a Striking Look and Fastback Profile

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Shortly after dazzling us with the incredibly sleek Prophecy Concept, Hyundai’s design team is once again making an impression. This time, they’ve unveiled a new car from their luxury division Genesis that will soon be available for purchase. Feast your eyes on the 2021 Genesis G80. By drawing inspiration from the design of the GV80 SUV and adapting it into a stylish, sloping sedan, the new G80 appears remarkably attractive and somewhat sinister. Beyond its visual appeal, it unmistakably embodies the essence of a Genesis vehicle. Let me elaborate.

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Previously, when a nascent automaker like Genesis launched a new car, the typical online response would be to accuse them of imitating established European brands in their designs – a claim that often held some merit. However, this time, Genesis has truly crafted a distinctive vehicle. Sure, if you squint, you might detect slight echoes of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe in the rear three-quarter view, but if we’re going to play that game, the new 3 Series’ rear resembles that of a Lexus. I said it.

Unless one actively seeks to criticize, this design stands out distinctively amidst other vehicles on the road. With the exception of other Genesis models, of course. Inside, the luxury and Genesis-style continue, featuring a sleek, lavish interior equipped with an expansive 14.5-inch screen, reminiscent of the GV80’s interior.

Although aesthetics play a significant role, the real test awaits in evaluating the performance and practicality of the new Genesis G80 as a vehicle meant to transport and serve its purpose.

Specifics like pricing, engine details, and technical specifications are yet to be revealed, but it is probable that a 3.3-liter V6 engine will be a primary option. The wait for further information shouldn’t be long since the car is slated to launch in its home market of Korea later this month.

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