Rumor: Audi Planning Electric G-Wagen Competitor by 2027 Based on Scout Truck Chassis

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An electric off-road SUV is in the works at Audi to rival the iconic Mercedes G-Wagen, set to debut later this decade. The vehicle is anticipated to utilize a truck-style ladder chassis potentially sourced from VW’s off-road EV badge, Scout.

The design philosophy of this upcoming Audi model seems to draw inspiration from the Audi Activesphere concept, as reported by Autocar. Envisioned with features like a sleek bed cover, high-performance drivetrain, and air suspension, the electric crossover aims to blend road-friendly comfort with off-road capabilities. This model won’t be Audi’s dedicated off-road offering; that project appears to be a distinct endeavor awaiting approval from Audi’s management.

Audi Activesphere concept. <em>Audi</em>
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Audi Activesphere concept. Audi

Expected to launch around 2027, this mystery off-roader (possibly named Allroader) will depart from Audi’s PPE platform or VW’s next-gen SSP architecture, opting for a unique framework instead. Reports suggest it will adopt the truck-style ladder chassis designated for Scout’s use—a brand from VW focusing on off-road EVs reminiscent of a blend between Rivian and International Harvester.

Audi’s design lead Marc Lichte hints that the silhouette of this off-roader will differ from the boxy G-Wagen and Land Rover Defender it aims to compete with, possibly taking cues from the Activesphere concept. There’s a possibility of integrating off-road performance technologies currently under development in the RS Q E-Tron Dakar truck. Despite Audi’s 2026 phase-out of internal combustion engines, it’s unlikely that this model will adopt the racer’s range extender. The Volkswagen Group appears inclined towards outsourcing production of both the Audi and Scout off-roaders to Magna Steyr, the same manufacturer behind the G-Wagen for Mercedes. (There have also been rumors linking Scout’s production to the iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn.)

The introduction of Audi’s off-road vehicle marks the tail end of a strategy to introduce over 20 new EVs by 2026, as indicated by Lichte in an interview with Auto Express. This ambitious plan encompasses electric iterations of current models, replacements for outgoing models, and entirely new offerings. Lichte specifically mentioned the A6 E-Tron with an Avant wagon variant and a larger A8 E-Tron flagship as forthcoming releases, sparking interest in potential models like the RS6 E-Tron Avant. Additionally, Lichte’s statements hinted at the possibility of successors to the TT and R8, topics previously discussed by the head of Audi Sport.

Audi could seize an opportunity presented by Mercedes’ struggles in meeting G-Class demand (as reported by Which Car) to attract potential customers. With Mercedes facing challenges in the development of a competitive infotainment system, any setbacks in the electric EQG model could make the market ripe for Audi’s forthcoming offering.

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