Stellantis Chief Executive Officer: ‘Chrysler to Experience a Revival’

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It’s evident that Chrysler isn’t the same automotive firm it once was. Following its merger with the Fiat group a few years back, the company’s vehicle lineup has been reduced to just a duo: the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan, the latter having been in production since 2010. Undoubtedly, this marks a departure from the era of Iacocca’s greatness for the formerly iconic brand. Taking this into consideration, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares asserts that this status quo will not persist. 

The current leader overseeing the brand’s trajectory has announced that several “exquisite” new models will join the brand’s roster, with the Airflow crossover being a highlight, already teased with significant range and power. Tavares did not disclose the exact count of new models slated for the brand, but through his remarks, it’s implied that Chrysler’s currently limited lineup will see further expansions. 

“Chrysler stands as one of the key emotional pillars of the former FCA,” Tavares declared at an investor conference on Tuesday. “Chrysler is set for a relaunch.” 

The presentation outlined that Chrysler will introduce “lifestyle family vehicles,” so the return of the Imperial sedan or similar offerings shouldn’t be expected. However, this doesn’t imply that the brand, aiming to go all-electric by 2028, will exclusively manufacture dull appliances. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether these new vehicles will match Tavares’ claims of their attractiveness. 

Lancia, another struggling brand within the company’s portfolio, is receiving a revitalization, as previously reported. On the other hand, other automotive brands may not continue to operate in the United States, given Tavares’ apparent suggestion regarding the uncertain future of Fiat in the country. Likewise, he reiterated that the European brands under Stellantis will not be exporting vehicles to the American market for consumers to enjoy. If you desire a Peugeot or a DS, your best bet would be to rent one while on vacation. 

Tavares’ statements underscore Stellantis’ intentions—these sound familiar—to evolve into a provider of sustainable mobility solutions, as opposed to solely being a conventional automaker. The company is broadening its scope to offer enhanced in-car software, post-sale vehicle upgrades, and a stronger presence in the commercial vehicle sector, exemplified by a new line of electric Ram ProMaster vans for Amazon. Stellantis anticipates that these initiatives will result in increased revenue, higher profits, and consequently, a more resilient and prosperous enterprise. Expectations are high that this massive trans-Atlantic conglomerate will hit the ground running shortly after its formation, but the actual outcomes of these plans remain to be seen. 

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