Rivian Supercharger Strategy, Hummer EV Top Pick, Fisker Future: Latest Car Updates

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Fisker struggles, as it seeks to ally with a large automaker. The Hummer EV shows that not all electric vehicles are the greenest. And Rivian is set to add Supercharger stops in route planning. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Rivian will be adding Tesla Supercharger sites to its trip planner in March, the company confirmed Thursday. Tesla NACS adapter shipments to current Rivian drivers are due to start soon after that.  

With an earnings report and update delivered Thursday, Fisker revealed that it’s in talks with an unnamed “large automaker” for EV platforms, investment, and North American manufacturing. With a massive $463 million net loss for the quarter, the Foxconn partnership potentially off, and future EVs like the Pear on hold, the future of the fledgling brand is definitely uncertain.

And the 2024 GMC Hummer EV is in the company of gas-guzzlers on the latest list of “meanest” vehicles for the environment. Although the Hummer EV uses less energy than the other big gasoline trucks and SUVs on the list, its emissions related to manufacturing and disposal—including that huge battery—give it a very heavy footprint.


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