Revival of Acura ZDX: Now an Electric SUV Featuring Type S Version

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Revisiting the past, Acura is collaborating with General Motors on an electric SUV set to revive the name “ZDX.” Mark your calendars for the anticipated arrival of the Acura ZDX in 2024, equipped with GM’s Ultium battery platform and borrowing design cues from the Precision EV.

In a recent statement, Acura has highlighted that the ZDX will mark the brand’s premier entry into the realm of zero-emission SUVs. The name serves as a tribute to an earlier Acura model with the same designation, originating from Acura’s Design Studio in Los Angeles back in 2007.

The deliberate emphasis on “Z” and “zero” by the automaker underlines the significance behind the chosen name. As we delve deeper into the design influences from the original model, we uncover an intriguing narrative.

The inclusion of the letter “S” in the new vehicle’s nomenclature is particularly noteworthy, as it hints at a high-performance Type S variant. This commitment from Acura to deliver performance-oriented electric vehicles is certainly a reason for enthusiast optimism. The brand’s legacy in crafting dynamic driving experiences, especially in its sport-focused models, fuels anticipation for this transition into the electric realm.

Although the exact model year remains unspecified, Acura’s official announcement indicates that the ZDX is set to “hit the market in 2024,” debuting with the ZDX Type S edition. Based on this timeframe, the release of these vehicles is likely to occur towards the end of 2024, possibly positioning them as 2025 model-year offerings.

Set to be Acura’s inaugural production EV, the ZDX is just the beginning. The company’s roadmap includes the introduction of additional models starting from 2026, built upon its forthcoming platform dubbed the global e:Architecture.

While details on the range and speed are yet to be released by Acura, the automaker has hinted at incorporating design elements from the new Precision EV concept into the ZDX. An intriguing logo graphic has been released by the company as a teaser.

2024 Acura ZDX Type S logo.
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For those recalling the original Acura ZDX, you might reminisce about its likeness to the luxury Accord Crosstour. While both models coexisted during a similar era and shared certain aesthetic elements, they were mechanically distinct. Contrasting sharply, the ZDX possessed a more avant-garde appearance reminiscent of a weapon from an early superhero movie, unlike the softer contours of the Crosstour.

A decade ago, Car and Driver featured an interview with Damon Schell, the original ZDX lead exterior designer, who defined the car as a “four-door luxury sports coupe,” characterized by its dynamism and unique positioning leveraging an SUV platform to deliver an exceptional coupe-like experience.

Envisioning the design evolution from the Precision EV concept and Acura’s motorsport-inspired creations, prospects suggest that the new ZDX will feature elongated, sinuous lines in contrast to the original model’s angular edges. The hope lingers that the conventional steering wheel will replace the concept’s unconventional yoke.

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