A Curious Porsche 911 Redesign Resembling Our Household Singer

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If this Porsche 911 appears peculiar to you, you’re not by yourself. It seems reminiscent of a 997-generation but not entirely; it features a scripted emblem on its rear resembling that of Singer’s, yet displaying something else; and its rear design is somewhat akin to the original G-series 911 albeit not a typical restomod. Enter the Edit G11, a modified P-car crafted to offer a more traditional driving encounter while also paying homage to the original 911 heritage. Spotting these subtleties at first glance may prove challenging.

Petr Novague, the designer, is the creative mind behind the Edit G11 project, which commences as a widebody 997-gen 911—be it a Carrera 4/4S, Cabriolet 4/4S, GTS, or GTS 4. The transformation involves replacing the front and rear facades with carbon fiber components meticulously designed by Novague. Both aim to echo the classic G-series Porsche, particularly noticeable at the rear with its deconstructed taillights and mesh bar. Conversely, the front retains a familiar 997 appearance.

Internally, it receives an enhanced steering wheel, a subtly redesigned dashboard layout, Alcantara accents all around, fresh door panel designs, and upgraded seating. Furthermore, the radio and primary infotainment screen are removed to eliminate any potential distractions for the driver—a reminiscent move, akin to Porsche’s style, albeit without the added cost.

The Edit G11 predominantly centers on the driving experience. With its carbon fiber body elements, forged wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, and absence of modern interior tech, it weighs lighter than a standard 997. The powertrain undergoes refurbishment, incorporating new components and receiving a new IMS bearing and stainless steel cylinder liners. These modifications address prevalent IMS bearing and bore-scoring issues present in Porsche’s 3.6-liter and 3.8-liter flat-six engines of that period. Nonetheless, no power enhancements are made to either engine.

Additionally, it features Öhlins adjustable suspension, a quick-shifting kit for the manual gearbox, and a bespoke exhaust system.

Merely 99 of these Edit G11 models will be crafted, each tailored to the customer’s specifications through a bespoke ordering process led by Novague. Beginning at $187,450, the base price is expected to rise with individualized options.

While not reaching the grandeur of a Singer, the G11 commands roughly half the cost. Its commendable driving attributes, enhanced by a lighter curb weight and Öhlins dampers, are poised to captivate prospective buyers interested in distinct, altered Porsches. The possibility of all 99 units being swiftly sold should not come as a surprise.

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