Jaguar Land Rover Promises to Fix ‘Unacceptable’ Quality Issues

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Jaguar Land Rover Promises to Fix ‘Unacceptable’ Quality Issues

Jaguar and Land Rover have been dealing with reliability issues, as revealed in a 2020 study by J.D. Power, where they were ranked as the third and least dependable automakers. Amidst the evolving automotive landscape, facing the pressure to either innovate or fade away, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is embarking on a journey to enhance its quality standards under the leadership of CEO Thierry Bolloré.

Setting the Stage for Change

Bolloré, in an interview with Autocar, highlighted the significant progress made by appointing Nigel Blenkinsop to lead quality and customer satisfaction. This move has already resulted in a remarkable 33% reduction in warranty costs for the 2021 models. Moreover, JLR has revamped its vehicle design processes by embracing upgraded technology, standardizing components, and focusing on seamless integration.

The Route to Revitalization

With a designated board member overseeing the entire value chain and a renewed emphasis on quality by design, Bolloré envisions a comprehensive transformation. The Reimagine plan, initiated under his tenure, aims to address the existing challenges. Although acknowledging their past shortcomings, Bolloré remains optimistic about the future, emphasizing the ongoing improvements and the work ahead.

Future Outlook

JLR’s Reimagine plan, introduced earlier this year, signifies a holistic shift towards sustainability, enriched luxury experiences, and societal impact. Recent innovations, such as the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Defender prototype, are harbingers of the upcoming electrification drive. Land Rover plans to introduce six electric vehicles by 2026, with the first set to launch in 2024. Jaguar, aligning with the trend, targets a fully electric lineup by 2025, leading JLR towards offering electric variants across its entire model range by 2029.

Amidst aspirations to achieve carbon net neutrality ahead of global targets, JLR aims to balance sustainability and profitability, securing its position as a forward-looking automotive manufacturer. The imperative now lies in sustaining the momentum gained in quality improvements to solidify JLR’s stature in the ever-evolving industry.


Jaguar Land Rover is on a mission to revamp its quality standards and spearhead sustainability initiatives under Thierry Bolloré’s leadership. With strategic appointments, process enhancements, and a vision for electrification, JLR is paving the way for a greener and more reliable automotive future.


1. What is JLR’s strategy for quality enhancement?

Jaguar Land Rover is focusing on appointing key personnel, standardizing design processes, and leveraging advanced technology to improve quality by design.

2. What are the key aspects of JLR’s Reimagine plan?

The Reimagine plan by JLR aims at sustainability, luxurious experiences, and societal impact, with a strong emphasis on electrification of its vehicle lineup and achieving carbon neutrality.

3. When does Jaguar plan to become a fully electric brand?

Jaguar aims to transition to a purely electric lineup by 2025, setting the stage for JLR to offer electric versions of all models by 2029.

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