Hyundai and Kia Pledge Repairing Millions of Easily Stolen Vehicles

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In response to a surge in car thefts, Korean car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia announced plans to implement software upgrades and enhance vehicle security features on 4 million cars nationwide. Theft of these vehicles has been rampant, fueled by viral social media content detailing how to steal the cars using just a USB cable. As theft incidents spiked in various states, insurance providers announced a potential loss of coverage for affected cars. Many state attorneys general, along with city attorneys in Cleveland, Seattle, and St. Louis, took legal action against Hyundai, citing the strain on law enforcement resources caused by the thefts.

Kia expressed gratitude to the Attorneys General for the opportunity to showcase their efforts in addressing the rise in car thefts and the influence of social media in facilitating such crimes.

The focal point of the issue was millions of vehicles lacking immobilizer systems, a crucial deterrent against theft. Criminals could gain access to these cars and swiftly start the engine with just a USB charger. Videos, like those from the Milwaukee-based “Kia Boyz,” circulated widely, depicting individuals stealing and joyriding in the stolen vehicles.

Lamenting the insufficient assistance from Hyundai and Kia thus far, law enforcement agencies voiced their frustrations. For instance, Cleveland police mentioned receiving 80 wheel locks to combat theft. Kia stated they have already distributed over 23,000 locks and would continue supplying them to affected owners.

Kia reiterated their commitment to combating the rising trend of car theft and the detrimental role played by social media, expressing appreciation for the support from the Attorneys General.

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