How Subaru Owners Are ‘Regearing’ Their CVTs So They Crawl Better

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Subaru Owners Enhancing Off-Road Capability by ‘Regearing’ CVTs

Subaru owners are often viewed in a particular light within the automotive community, but their loyalty to the brand is unquestionable. These owners are taking their Subarus to the next level by modifying their continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) to improve off-road performance. Let’s delve into how they are achieving this mod and the benefits it brings.

The Art of ‘Regearing’ CVTs

CVTs operate using pulleys instead of traditional gears. By swapping out the factory CVT with an enhanced one featuring an improved final drive front differential and a corresponding rear diff, Subaru owners are optimizing their vehicles for off-road adventures. This modification showcases their dedication to enhancing their cars’ capabilities beyond the norm.

Unveiling the Transformation

Inspiration for these modifications comes from enthusiasts like Milton Salguero, whose regeared, 2.5-liter engine-swapped Crosstrek turned heads in the Lifted Subie Society group. The key lies in utilizing interchangeable parts across various Subaru platforms, allowing for a seamless upgrade process.

Enhancing Off-Road Performance

Bruce Yeager, a pioneer of CVT regearing, demonstrates how altering the final drive ratio can significantly improve low-speed performance. By adjusting the gearing, the torque sent to the wheels increases, enabling better crawling capability over rough terrains and obstacles. This adjustment is particularly beneficial for vehicles equipped with larger tires that demand additional torque for smooth traversal.

In conclusion, Subaru owners are pushing the boundaries of their vehicles’ capabilities by ‘regearing’ their CVTs, transforming them into formidable off-road machines ready to tackle any adventure.


What is CVT regearing?

CVT regearing involves swapping out the factory CVT with an upgraded one that features an improved final drive front differential and a corresponding rear diff to enhance off-road performance.

How does regearing a CVT benefit off-road driving?

By adjusting the final drive ratio, regearing a CVT increases torque sent to the wheels, allowing for better crawling capability over obstacles and rough terrains, especially when using larger tires.

Are CVT modifications reversible?

While CVT regearing modifications can significantly enhance off-road performance, they are usually irreversible due to the complexity of the process and the integration of new components into the transmission system.# Article

Subaru Owners Upgrade Transmissions for Better Performance

Subaru owners have found a new way to boost their cars’ performance by upgrading their transmissions. Carey Lando, a three-time Rebelle Rally competitor known as MtnSubi on social media, shared her experience of upgrading her Outback’s transmission after a CV axle damaged the front differential. The new transmission improved the car’s performance significantly, making it more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

Enhanced Performance on the Road

Many Subaru enthusiasts who have upgraded their transmissions have noticed a substantial improvement in their cars’ on-road performance. The new gearing is better suited for taller tires, resulting in a smoother driving experience. For instance, the zero to 60 mph acceleration time has decreased for some owners, almost reaching the stock performance levels.

Easy and Affordable Upgrades

According to Salguero, one of the Subaru owners who performed the transmission upgrade, finding suitable transmissions at affordable prices is relatively simple. Many have found transmissions through platforms like Facebook Marketplace for around $450 to $500. The installation process involves matching the rear differential and potentially changing the rear axles, making it a straightforward DIY project for many Subaru owners using basic tools in their home garages.

Conclusion – Adding a Personal Touch

Moreover, Salguero shared an exciting story about helping a friend with a Crosstrek in Washington’s Tahuya State Forest. The friend’s car faced severe vibrations due to damaged front motor mounts, and Salguero towed the Crosstrek out of the forest effortlessly, showcasing the enhanced capabilities of his upgraded Subaru.


Q: Will upgrading my Subaru’s transmission void the warranty?

A: It’s essential to check with your dealership or consult your warranty terms before making any modifications to your Subaru to avoid potential warranty issues.

Q: Can I upgrade my Subaru’s transmission myself?

A: While some Subaru owners have successfully upgraded their transmissions on their own, it’s advisable to have sufficient knowledge and expertise in automotive repairs or seek professional help to ensure the upgrade is done correctly.

Q: What models of Subaru are suitable for transmission upgrades?

A: The upgrade works well on various Subaru models like the Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza, Legacy, and Forester with specific engine types. Consult with experts or online communities for guidance on finding compatible transmissions for your Subaru model.

Q: How long does it take to upgrade a Subaru’s transmission?

A: The time required for the upgrade can vary based on experience level and access to tools. Some owners have completed the upgrade over a weekend in their home garages, indicating that it is a relatively quick process for those with mechanical skills.Headline: How Mods Prove Their Worth in the DIY Car Upgrade Scene

In the world of DIY car upgrades, enthusiasts often turn to mods to enhance their vehicles. These mods are not only a way to personalize their cars but also a means to improve performance and appearance. One recent example showcasing the significance of mods in the automotive scene involved a notable upgrade that caught the attention of many.

The Mod Showcase:
A recent post on Instagram by Milton Salguero (@silverbulletxv) highlighted a remarkable DIY, OEM+ upgrade. This upgrade demonstrated how mods play a crucial role in transforming a vehicle, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. The post generated buzz within the automotive community, shedding light on the creativity and craftsmanship of car enthusiasts.

The Importance of Mods:
During times like these, mods have the opportunity to shine and prove their worth. Whether it’s for enhancing performance, adding visual flair, or achieving a unique look, mods allow car owners to express their individuality and passion for automobiles. The showcased DIY upgrade serves as a testament to the impact mods can have on a vehicle.

In the realm of DIY car upgrades, mods are more than just accessories – they are a form of self-expression and creativity. The recent Instagram post by Milton Salguero underscores the significant role mods play in the automotive community, showcasing the power of customization and personalization in transforming a vehicle. As car enthusiasts continue to push boundaries and explore new possibilities, mods will undoubtedly remain a key player in the evolution of the automotive industry.


Q: Are mods only for improving performance?
A: While mods are commonly used to enhance performance, they can also be utilized for visual modifications, such as changing the appearance of a vehicle with new body kits, wheels, or customized paint jobs.

Q: Are mods difficult to install for beginners?
A: The complexity of installing mods can vary depending on the type of modification and the skill level of the individual. Some mods may be simple plug-and-play upgrades, while others may require advanced knowledge and tools. It’s essential to research and seek guidance if attempting mods for the first time.

Q: How can I find reputable sources for purchasing mods?
A: When looking for mods for your car, it’s crucial to buy from reputable sources and trusted brands to ensure quality and compatibility. Online forums, automotive websites, and reviews can be valuable resources for finding recommended vendors and products.

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