First sketches of Škoda Enyaq RS Race: Concept study combines motorsport DNA and sustainability

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Breaking News: Škoda Reveals Enyaq RS Race Concept Combining Motorsport DNA with Sustainability

Exploring Sustainability in Motorsports

Škoda Auto unveils the new Enyaq RS Race concept, showcasing a fusion of motorsport DNA and sustainability. This concept not only elevates Škoda’s emotional appeal but also pushes their motorsport legacy to new heights. The design of the Enyaq RS Race incorporates an aggressive aesthetic, featuring a striking rear wing. It serves as a testament to how motorsport technology can drive momentum towards a dynamic and eco-conscious automotive future. Moreover, this concept car acts as a testing ground for cutting-edge electric technologies to be implemented in future battery-electric production vehicles.

Power and Performance Aligned

Based on the Enyaq Coupé RS, the Enyaq RS Race boasts all-wheel drive, tapping into the Volkswagen Group’s Modular electric drive matrix for enhanced performance. Its eye-catching design underscores its racing prowess, with a focus on stability and aerodynamics. This concept study aims to experiment with technical advancements that could potentially find their way into upcoming production models, enhancing both performance and sustainability.

Škoda’s Sustainability Drive in Motorsport

The Enyaq RS Race follows Škoda’s trend of innovative battery-electric concept studies like the Škoda Vision GT and the Škoda Fabia RE-X1. By promoting sustainability in motorsport, Škoda is making headway with eco-friendly practices. For instance, the Fabia Rally2 competes using 100% sustainable, fossil-free fuel in the WRC2, showcasing Škoda’s commitment to testing and refining electromobility innovations under demanding conditions.


Škoda’s Enyaq RS Race concept is a bold step towards the future of sustainable motorsports, blending high-performance with eco-consciousness. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Škoda is redefining the automotive landscape, paving the way for greener racing technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Škoda Enyaq RS Race?
The Škoda Enyaq RS Race is a concept study that merges motorsport DNA with sustainability, showcasing high performance and eco-friendly practices in the automotive industry.

2. How does the Enyaq RS Race contribute to Škoda’s sustainability efforts?
By serving as a testbed for cutting-edge electric technologies and promoting sustainable practices in motorsport, the Enyaq RS Race highlights Škoda’s commitment to advancing eco-conscious innovations.

3. What is the design inspiration behind the Enyaq RS Race?
The Enyaq RS Race features an aggressive design with a massive rear wing, emphasizing its racing pedigree and aerodynamic efficiency, drawing parallels to Škoda’s motorsport heritage.

4. How does the Enyaq RS Race incorporate motorsport technology for future production vehicles?
Through specific technical and design modifications, the Enyaq RS Race aims to gather practical knowledge that could potentially be implemented in upcoming Škoda production models, enhancing both performance and sustainability.

For more information and insights on the Enyaq RS Race, visit the Škoda Storyboard.

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