German Authorities Criticize Bugatti Chiron’s 259-MPH Highway Dash

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The limitless sections of Germany’s Autobahn highway system are well-known, allowing drivers to determine their own speed without restrictions. Surprisingly, it appears that one can still overstep boundaries even where no explicit limits exist, as per the recent stance of the German Transport Ministry. This decision follows the circulation of a video showcasing a Bugatti Chiron swiftly overtaking traffic at speeds reaching up to 257 mph.

The individual behind the recording is Radim Passer, a Czech individual whose net worth, as Forbes reports, amounts to $309 million. Passer stated in the YouTube video description that it was filmed in July 2021 on a specific section of the A2 route from Berlin to Hannover, where a 6.2-mile straight path with excellent visibility is claimed to exist. As dusk approached, Passer unleashed the Chiron’s 1,479 horsepower, zipping past sparse traffic, with his GPS speedometer registering a peak speed of 417 kph (259 mph)—nearly matching the top speed of a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

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