2024 Progression of EcoPower Servo Line

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Servos play a crucial role in all RC vehicles, and EcoPower ensures a comprehensive solution. Explore the advancements in the 2024 EcoPower servo line, now featuring aluminum clamping servo horns and various other enhancements.


Having entered its sixth year, the EcoPower servo line continues to offer high-quality steering and shift/dig servo choices catering to RC vehicles and boats of all sizes. The entire range now comes with aluminum clamping servo horns as a standard feature. Furthermore, the complete EcoPower servo line is still supported by a one-year warranty.

2024 EcoPower Servo Line Advancements
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By valuing customer feedback and investing numerous hours in product research and development, EcoPower has continuously enhanced and refined its servo line, making it a favored choice among RC enthusiasts. Here are some key enhancements that elevate our 2024 EcoPower servo line.


  • Standard inclusion of aluminum clamping servo horns.
  • Enhanced internal MOSFETS to handle increased peak amps, ensuring failure prevention.
  • Firmware update enhances power-on sequence, preventing failures.
  • Inclusion of premium green foam packaging with all 1/10 size servos.
  • Waterproofing up to 1 meter for all servos (excluding the ECP-827 mini servo).
  • Each servo undergoes 6 thorough tests before packaging for optimum quality.
  • One-year warranty still backs EcoPower Servos.

To discover more about the entire EcoPower line and its latest advancements, visit your local hobby shop or follow this link.

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