Witness a Soaring Deer Collide with a Pickup Truck Available for Purchase Right as the Purchaser Appears

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Deer are renowned for their remarkable springing prowess, but this clip posted by Jay Vaugh from southern New Jersey on Facebook takes it to a whole new dimension. The video was recorded by a home surveillance camera, capturing a deer dashing and leaping over two vehicles in a driveway, ultimately crashing into a 2007 Chevy Silverado. The elevation, distance, and elegance of the deer’s leap are truly extraordinary, even though it failed to land gracefully. Nonetheless, the timing of the deer’s actions could not have been worse.

As per Vaughn’s post, the Silverado that the deer collided with had recently been listed on Facebook Marketplace with a potential buyer interested. In the footage, you can observe the assumed purchaser arriving in front of the residence just as the deer suddenly appears. Emerging from the right of the frame, the deer effortlessly leaps over both a Pontiac Vibe and a Honda CR-V, almost as if it had wings. Subsequently, it lands belly-first on the side of the Silverado’s bed, causing a dent right in front of the owner and prospective buyer. After awkwardly landing in the truck’s bed, it kicks the truck again while making its way out.

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a video showcasing such graceful agility followed by such a colossal mishap, all while having the worst timing imaginable. You can see the buyer exiting their Tahoe just as the deer collides with the truck they were interested in purchasing. I would have paid to be present for that conversation.

Here’s the million-dollar query: Did the purchaser still go through with the purchase despite the newly acquired damage? Responding to a few commenters, Vaughn asserts that they did, albeit with a $1,000 discount.

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