Witness a Kia Sportage Ignite and Engulf Rapidly. Is a Current Recall Responsible?

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If you’ve never encountered a car fire, it can be challenging to comprehend how swiftly it can devour your vehicle. The driver of a Kia Sportage experienced this firsthand, with a surveillance camera capturing the rapid progression of events.

The incident was filmed and shared on Reddit, showcasing a 2017-2022 Kia Sportage coming to a halt in front of the camera. Smoke starts billowing from beneath the hood mere seconds later, prompting the occupants to hurriedly exit the vehicle. Within 20 seconds of stopping, the thickening smoke signals a grave issue. Despite onlookers arriving with fire extinguishers around 90 seconds after the smoke appears, their efforts are futile as they are unable to access the source of the flames due to the closed hood.

This incident could potentially be linked to mechanical issues that have led to numerous recalls for this particular Sportage generation in the United States. According to the NHTSA, Sportages that underwent engine replacements due to a previous recall have experienced fuel line problems caused by damage or improper reconnection during service. This can result in fuel leakage and a fire hazard.

Other potential causes may stem from faulty electronics. Instances of short circuits affecting both the Hydraulic Electric Control Unit and the optional tow hitch harness have been documented, with the former explicitly associated with engine bay fires.

Regardless of the trigger for the fire, the occupants of the Kia reacted commendably. They likely noticed a burning smell or observed the check engine light turning on and promptly pulled over. Evacuating the car, retrieving valuables, and locating a fire extinguisher promptly were all prudent actions. The only potentially more advisable step could have been opening the hood, though this could have posed risks in the presence of smoke or flames, and would likely have still necessitated an unpleasant call to their insurance provider.

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