What’s Your Opinion on Toyota’s Artificial Manual Transmission for Electric Vehicles?

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Toyota has created a prototype electric car featuring a simulated manual transmission. While it lacks a physical transmission – hence the term “simulated” – the electric motor is programmed to replicate the traditional manual transmission experience. Equipped with a shifter and clutch pedal, a group of journalists recently test-drove the vehicle. What were their impressions? Overall, they were quite positive.

As detailed in prior patent articles, this vehicle behaves as if it were powered by an internal combustion engine, leading to consequences for poor shifts, challenging hill starts, and a risk of stalling. Tim Stevens, contributing to ARS Technica, noted that the system “effectively enhances the enjoyment of driving an EV.” Patrick George from InsideEVs remarked that “it truly replicates the essence of a manual vehicle” and described it as a “joy” to drive. It’s evident that the developers had fun with the project; the system appears to stem from a genuine passion for manual transmissions.

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Despite the positive feedback, it remains untested by us and likely by you, the reader. Is an artificial manual transmission in an EV worth the effort? Both reviewers emphasized that the system isn’t genuine and can be deactivated at any time.

It seems that in everyday driving, this feature may serve as nothing more than a novelty for a brief period before being permanently switched off. Unlike a traditional manual car where the manual experience is inherent, with Toyota’s system, one can opt out entirely. This diminishes the allure of a manual transmission, where one must embrace both its advantages and drawbacks simultaneously.

Would you consider integrating this feature into your own vehicle, or at least experimenting with it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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