Watch: Honda Tech Runs Red Light in Customer Car and Nearly Gets T-Boned

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Honda Tech Runs Red Light in Customer’s Car During Test Drive

A Shocking Incident Caught on Dashcam Raises Concerns

I always worry when I leave my car for service that something untoward might happen. This fear is not uncommon among car owners. A recent dashcam video posted by Redditor Ssign has heightened these anxieties. The video captures a harrowing incident involving a Honda service technician at Ottawa Honda who took a customer’s car for a test drive.

What Happened during the Test Drive?

The service technician, while driving the customer’s car, made a startling decision by running a red light in a brazen manner. Notably, the technician skillfully maneuvered around stationary vehicles in both directions to avoid a collision. This risky move, as seen in the footage, was certainly not accidental. The video underscores several concerning actions taken by the technician, including crossing a double-yellow lane marker and driving through an intersection with visible road work signs.

Community Outcry on Social Media

The video garnered significant attention on Reddit, with many users sharing their own distressing experiences with dealership misconduct. However, the car owner, Ssign, has yet to inform the dealership about the incident captured on the dashcam. It is crucial to address such behavior promptly to ensure the safety and trust of customers.


Instances like these serve as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance when it comes to entrusting our vehicles to service centers. It is pivotal for service technicians to uphold safety standards and respect customers’ property at all times.


1. Should I be concerned about leaving my car for service after incidents like these?

It’s natural to feel apprehensive, but most service centers take the utmost care in handling customers’ vehicles. Communicate any concerns you may have with the service department.

2. What steps can I take to ensure my car’s safety during service visits?

Consider installing a dashcam for added security, maintain clear communication with the service staff, and choose reputable service centers with positive reviews.

3. How can I address misconduct by service technicians?

If you witness inappropriate behavior or have concerns about how your vehicle was handled, report it to the service manager or higher authorities within the establishment promptly for resolution.

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