VW’s Latest GTI Trademark Suggests Future Sporty Electric Vehicles

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With the shift towards electrification in the auto industry, every automaker must develop their own unique term or striking emblem to represent their electric powertrain. The next-gen electric Volkswagen GTI may introduce a new logo as part of its rebranding.

Volkswagen recently lodged a trademark application for a fresh GTI emblem with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office on the 25th of July, as reported by Car Buzz. The concept is straightforward and clear, consisting of the word “GTI” with a lightning bolt taking the place of the letter “I.”

<em>Photo | DPMA</em>
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Photo | DPMA

An electric version of the VW GTI is inevitable, but this trademark does not confirm an imminent arrival of such a vehicle. The current Mk8 GTI still has significant life ahead, with VW’s CEO mentioning its potential continuation up to 2030, meaning the electric successor might take a few more years to materialize. This emblem could also find application in other models, as Volkswagen badges various European vehicles with the GTI moniker, like the Polo GTI and Up! GTI. Consequently, these models will likely receive this GTI logo once electrified.

Moreover, the newly unveiled ID.3 hatchback, essentially an electric Golf, though not available in the US, may also adopt the electrified GTI badge.

Regarding the emblem itself, it serves as a charming method to signify the vehicle’s electric nature, even though it lacks originality. Notably, the use of a lightning bolt in an electric car emblem isn’t a pioneering concept—the F-150 Lightning incorporated it first—and is likely to recur in the future.

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