Volkswagen Group Introduces Initiative for Fully-Electric Affordable Mobility in Europe

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Volkswagen Group introduces initiative for fully-electric affordable mobility in Europe
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The Board of Management at Volkswagen Group has taken steps to expand the availability of entry-level electric mobility. The Core Brand Group is set to launch cost-effective electric vehicles specifically designed for the European market. The global debut is planned for 2027. Volkswagen has been actively developing compact, budget-friendly electric vehicles priced around 20,000 euros. This initiative underscores the commitment of the Group’s mainstream brands to ensure mobility accessibility for all, further easing the transition to electric mobility. Through its diverse range of brands, Volkswagen Group also embraces its societal responsibility to provide affordable and sustainable transportation.

Oliver Blume, Volkswagen Group CEO, stated: “Throughout the years, many individuals have connected Volkswagen Group’s renowned brands with their first vehicle – one that represents affordable mobility. As a conglomerate with robust brands, we continue to uphold this societal responsibility. I am excited about our forward-looking initiative that focuses on entry-level electric mobility tailored for and by Europe. It’s a demonstration of our resolute support for European industrial growth, an industrial policy shaped by Europe, and a commitment to servicing European customers.”

Thomas Schäfer, Volkswagen brand CEO and Head of the Core Brand Group, shared: “The future lies in electric mobility. To popularize electromobility, it is imperative to introduce appealing vehicles, especially in the entry-level segment. Our brand’s pledge is clear: electromobility accessible to everyone. This pledge will be realized through the Core Brand Group. Despite the competitive pricing, our vehicles will maintain high standards in technology, design, quality, and customer satisfaction. Meeting these expectations has become more challenging due to escalating energy, material, and resource costs. It is evident that for electric mobility tailored for and by Europe to thrive, it necessitates political backing and a competitive regulatory environment.”

Volkswagen will heavily emphasize localization in Europe for this initiative, benefiting the European industrial landscape. This approach not only curtails the transportation of components over long distances but also minimizes CO2 emissions.

The approved project marks a significant milestone in the drive to foster widespread adoption of electromobility in Europe. Work is already in full swing on the “Electric Urban Car Family”, which will unveil electric vehicles priced under 25,000 euros by late 2025. The lineup includes two new compact cars, one from VW and another from CUPRA, alongside two small SUVs, one from Škoda and the other from VW, all to be manufactured in Spain. By launching the initiative for affordable all-electric mobility at 20,000 euros, Volkswagen Group marks a progressive stride forward.

SOURCE: Volkswagen

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