Upcoming Dodge Charger: Recently Discovered Factory Photos Indicate Gasoline Engine Will Endure

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Dodge persists in producing high-performance cars even as the future of the Charger and Challenger remains uncertain. It was already known that an electric variant of the Charger Daytona SRT Concept was in the works, but recent leaks suggest there may also be a traditional combustion engine version in the pipeline, based on fresh images from the factory.

Snapshots shared on the Challenger Talk forums and elsewhere indicate a new body-in-white of a two-door sports car that strongly resembles the production iteration of the Daytona SRT Concept. Notably, the visuals suggest ample room for a transmission and driveshaft. The engine bay also appears tailored to house a longitudinally positioned power unit, which speculation hints could be either Stellantis’ latest “Hurricane” inline-six or even a V8 in premium models.

Dodge has been tight-lipped regarding the design of the next iteration of its performance cars. While the all-electric powertrain boasting four-figure horsepower took the spotlight upon the concept’s unveiling, this preference was likely influenced by the absence of Stellantis’ electric vehicles being marketed in the U.S. at present. Speculation suggests the possibility of an internal combustion engine variant, given the vehicle’s chassis sitting on the versatile STLA Large platform, capable of accommodating either type of powertrain, though no official statements have been issued.

While these images do not definitively confirm the offering of both powertrains, they strongly suggest such a possibility. Although the transmission tunnel may seem shallow, it’s conceivable that there exists a false floor where the battery is housed in electric versions of the car, with the driveshaft passing through it. In essence, there could be a substantial panel beneath the vehicle concealing much of its mechanical components or a series of batteries.

We have contacted Stellantis for additional insights on this vehicle. Any new developments will be promptly shared here.

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