Toyota to Revive Starlet Mini Hatch With Rally-Ready GR Model: Report

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Toyota to Revive Starlet Mini Hatch With Rally-Ready GR Model: Report


The legendary Toyota Starlet is set to make a triumphant return, and this time with a high-performance GR model in the works. Once a beloved icon in the world of motorsport, the Starlet is gearing up for a modern revival that has enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

Toyota’s Classic Hatchback Making a Comeback

The Toyota Starlet, known for its lightweight build and nimble handling, is poised to reclaim its former glory with a new GR model. Reports suggest that Toyota is diligently working on resurrecting this classic hatch, with a keen focus on delivering a rally-ready performance vehicle.

Details of the Revived Starlet

According to Best Car Web, a reputable source that accurately leaked details about the GR Supra and GR Corolla, the Starlet revival was initially slated for this season. However, due to engineering audits following a crash safety scandal, the launch has been pushed back to 2026. Despite the delay, the anticipation for the GR Starlet continues to build.

Performance and Design Features

The GR Starlet, affectionately dubbed the GRlet by enthusiasts, is projected to weigh under 2,200 pounds. Toyota aims to maintain its lightweight status by eschewing hybrid technology, positioning it as a rare non-hybrid in Toyota’s lineup. With a widened track, fender flares, and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine generating around 150 horsepower, the GR Starlet promises an exhilarating driving experience.

Racing Ambitions

Set to offer both manual and automatic transmission options, the GR Starlet will be distinctive among its GR counterparts for its front-wheel-drive configuration. Toyota’s rumored plans to introduce a WRC Rally4-homologated version hint at the carmaker’s ambition to compete in lower rally divisions, further solidifying the GR Starlet’s racing pedigree.


The resurgence of the Toyota Starlet, coupled with the introduction of a high-performance GR model, marks an exciting chapter in the world of hatchbacks. With a blend of retro charm and cutting-edge performance, the GR Starlet is poised to capture the hearts of enthusiasts and reignite the legacy of this iconic nameplate.


1. When is the expected release date for the Toyota GR Starlet?

The Toyota GR Starlet is currently targeted for a launch in 2026, following a brief delay due to engineering assessments.

2. What is the estimated horsepower output of the GR Starlet’s turbocharged engine?

The turbocharged three-cylinder engine in the GR Starlet is projected to produce around 150 horsepower, offering an impressive power-to-weight ratio for a thrilling driving experience.

3. Will the Toyota GR Starlet be available in the United States?

Unfortunately, the GR Starlet is unlikely to reach the U.S. market, with reports indicating that it will be primarily aimed at global markets outside of the United States.

4. What distinguishes the GR Starlet from other GR models in Toyota’s lineup?

Unlike its counterparts, the GR Starlet will feature a front-wheel-drive layout, making it a unique offering within Toyota’s high-performance GR portfolio.

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