Toyota Is Making Fake Human Fingers to Improve Worker Safety

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Toyota Introduces Dummy Fingers to Enhance Worker Safety in Manufacturing Process

Toyota’s Innovative Approach to Worker Safety

Toyota, a renowned automaker famous for its reliable cars, is now making waves in the manufacturing sector by focusing on worker safety. The Japanese giant has introduced dummy fingers to evaluate and enhance the safety of its workers while working with heavy automated machinery on the factory floor. These dummy fingers aim to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries that human workers are prone to when collaborating closely with robots in the auto assembly process.

The Development Process

The development of these dummy fingers took off in 2018 at Toyota’s headquarters in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Collaborating with Panasonic and a research department at Nagoya University’s medical school, Toyota crafted dummy fingers that simulate real fingers using pig skin to mimic human skin elasticity. These fingers even contain a stainless steel core to replicate human bones. Different types of dummy fingers are produced to match various genders and age groups to ensure accurate safety assessments.

Safety Improvements and Beyond

The implementation of dummy fingers has not only enhanced worker safety on the production line but has also influenced the design of new car models. For instance, these fake fingers have contributed to the development of safer tonneau covers to prevent pinch hazards. Additionally, Toyota utilizes these dummy fingers to study potential accidents vehicle owners might encounter, aiding in improving overall safety measures.


Toyota’s investment in dummy fingers showcases its commitment to prioritizing worker safety and innovation in the manufacturing process. By proactively addressing potential risks and designing safer products, Toyota sets a benchmark for ensuring employee well-being and product excellence in the automotive industry.


What are dummy fingers, and how are they used at Toyota?

Dummy fingers are artificial finger replicas made from pig skin with stainless steel cores to simulate human bones. Toyota uses these dummy fingers to assess and enhance worker safety in manufacturing processes involving close human and robot interaction.

How have dummy fingers impacted Toyota’s product design?

Dummy fingers have not only improved worker safety at Toyota but have also influenced the design of new car models. For example, they were instrumental in creating safer tonneau covers by identifying pinch points and safety hazards.

What is the significance of Toyota’s collaboration with Panasonic and Nagoya University in developing dummy fingers?

Toyota collaborated with Panasonic and Nagoya University to create advanced dummy fingers aimed at analyzing and preventing hand and finger injuries in the manufacturing industry. This partnership demonstrates Toyota’s commitment to innovation and safety in its production processes.

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